Important Update Regarding In-person Services

November 25, 2020, By: Jimmy Scruggs

Dear Crossroads Friends:

Thanks for your hope-filled and flexible attitude during these strange times. By now we’re sure you’re aware that Colorado and Larimer County are at Level-Red (Severe Risk) on the Covid Dashboard.

So, what does that mean for us?

Limited In-person Gathering Option Continues

We’ve consulted with the county and are clear to operate within the Level-Red boundaries for faith communities. Since Crossroads has ample square footage and has established universal mask wearing indoors, we are able to offer a scaled-down, in-person experience for those to whom it is beneficial.

If you join us on campus, you’ll notice some important changes. We’re paring back on the number of ushers and greeters, and we’ll all be super-careful to keep generous social distance while entering and exiting or checking in and out the kids. We’ve enjoyed the food trucks, but we’re taking a break from that service and encouraging everyone to leave campus as soon as the service ends. We’re also taking a break from coffee service in the atrium; so BYO-Beverages.

There is no change to the gathering time schedule. The LiveCast happens at 6:30pm Thursdays and Sundays at 9 and 11am. CK Groups are a pod- based program for K-5 Elementary students during Sunday services, and pre-registration is important. The main service is family friendly, and we have busy bags for kids.

The Safer-at-Home Balancing Act

We recognize that most people prefer to worship at home for the sake of community health; and the LiveCast and KidsCast have become the weekly touch points for most of our church family.

Nevertheless, we are aware of the important need in many households for emotional and spiritual support in person. Some families benefit greatly from the in-person CK groups. The state and county are not asking services like this to close at this point, and we feel grateful that we can offer a humble version of in-person experience in addition to the online campus. Many thanks to the staff and volunteers who serve in person or online.

Please talk with your family and decide which option is best for you. If you’re content joining in from home, we bless and thank you. If you need to connect on campus, we’re grateful for your presence and grateful we can offer this option for the time being.

What’s Next?

We have no idea what is next! But we are ready to adapt at any given time. Consider this a day-by-day adventure, and let’s all be ready to change course on any given day. 

One thing’s for sure. When the pandemic is over—and yes it will be over—we will be changed for the better.

For those of you suffering in financial, emotional or physical need, know you are part of a loving community of peacemakers. Your church is here for you. If you’d like a pastor to call or have any words of wisdom or any questions, please call the office and someone will be in touch.

And always remember… We may be headquartered in Loveland Colorado, but our church family is growing from state to state. We see you in Maine and Arizona, Minnesota and Florida. Tell your friends about our church, and plan to join us on Sunday! Pastor Ryan Howell is rolling out the ministry emphasis for 2021, and we’re lighting the first candle of Advent.

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Crossroads Team