Early Adventures Preschool & Daycare

Early Adventures Preschool & Daycare at Crossroads provides a loving, supportive, and developmentally appropriate educational environment open to all children aged 6 weeks through 6 years. We recognize that each child learns differently and at his or her own pace. It is our goal to provide as many opportunities as possible to meet the needs of each child in our program, encouraging the opportunity to grow and learn as everyday peacemakers.

Hours of Operation Monday–Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm, year-round


Amy Scruggs, Executive Director of the Adventure Center
[email protected]


Early Adventures offers a hands-on, play-based curriculum that actively engages children in their learning. Children are given opportunities to make choices, experiment and explore their environment through movement and manipulation. The curriculum is designed to help individual children meet their developmental milestones as assessed. Teachers using this curriculum help children gain positive social and emotional skills.

Early Adventures strives to provide an environment and curriculum that is inclusive. We believe that each child should be met at his or her developmental level. We can then build on individual strengths to foster a positive view of self and sense of belonging, promote self-reflection, and support social interactions.

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