One of the actions that gives our lives significance and satisfaction is knowing that what we do is a part of something much larger than ourselves. Everyone! Yes! Every one of us has a talent or skill to offer. By donating your talent to volunteer and lead you are advancing our shared vision for everyday peacemaking.

There is a volunteer opportunity whether you have a few hours to serve each year or a few hours each week. This is one of the very best ways to get to know people at Crossroads and in the community. Many of the opportunities involve engaging the larger community and not just with the Crossroads people.

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Kids & Students

NOTE: A background check is required for all persons who are working directly with children and students.

Nursery Teacher (Birth-Age 2)
Nursery Assistant (Birth-Age 2)

Sunday Mornings: 9:30-11:30am (1-3x per month)

Love babies? This team cares for, plays with and provides a loving and safe environment for small children while their families enjoy the Sunday service.

Preschool Weekends Teacher (Age 3-1st Grade)
Preschool Weekends Assistant (Age 3-1st Grade)

Elementary Weekends Teacher (2nd-5th Grade)
Elementary Weekends Assistant Teacher (2nd-5th Grade)

Sunday Mornings: 9:30–11:30am (1–2x per month)

Join our team of loving teachers and group facilitators. If you enjoy interacting with kids in an energetic and engaging environment, this is for you.


Sunday Mornings: 9:45–11:15am (1–4x per month)

The Disability Inclusion Team believes God’s power and purpose works in and through every human life. This team provides personalized care and disability services while walking alongside families and individuals. Team members are trained and must complete an application and background check.

STUDENT MINISTRY TEAM (Middle and High School)

Sunday Mornings: 9:30-11:15am (2x per month)

The Student Ministry Team is a fun group of adults who love students. We need all types of leaders: organizers, musicians, tech savvy, hyper, compassionate and thoughtful. Please consider helping us lead and develop the next generation!


Our greeters open doors and offer a warm welcome as guests enter and exit the building. This team is often the first and last point of personal contact experienced by those who attend Crossroads.

Auditorium Hosts

Sunday Mornings: 9:30–11:30am (2x per month)

Team members host the doors to the auditorium, offer a welcoming smile as guests enter, hand out print programs and assist in seating. The most important talent for a member of this team is a helpful, loving spirit.

Coffee Team

Sunday Mornings: 8:30–11:30am (1-2x per month)

A cup of coffee can go a long way toward creating a warm atmosphere. Our team safely serves a cup of fresh, hot coffee (and other drinks) to anyone who needs a jolt at our Sunday services. This team works closely with our Coffee With A Cause partners to provide great coffee with even greater good.

Coffee Cups Clean Up Team

Sunday Mornings: 11:20–11:40am (1-2x per month)

This person collects coffee cups after Sunday morning gatherings, runs them through the dishwasher, dries them and puts them away.


Sunday Mornings: 11am–12pm (6x per year)

This team provides a simple, easy, relational next step for people who are new (or consider themselves new) to Crossroads. Team members will set up and clean up reception area, serve refreshments and be a friendly presence during this occasional event.

Partners in Hope Teams


Time: usually 2-3 hours per event

Support, encourage and serve the staff and families of Laurene Edmondson Elementary School. This team hosts, provides food and childcare during Edmondson events like the Posole and Bingo night, the Edmondson Block Party, Parent Night etc. Volunteers also help students learn to read through the Edmondson Read Along program.


Time: varies with each opportunity but usually 2 hours per event

Our Food Security Team addresses the two unacceptables of poverty and illiteracy. Join the bread team (package donated bread once or twice a week), serve at Loveland’s Community Kitchen (monthly on up to weekly), assist with Crossroads annual Food Drive, or volunteer with Loveland KidsPak.


Time: 4–8 hours per project

Hope Builders is a ministry of Crossroads church fueled by groups of Peacemakers who love their families, friends, neighbors and strangers by providing the labor or finances to make home repairs and improvements for those who lack the resources to do the work on their own. Hope Builders’ desire is to empower you to love your neighbor in very practical and tangible ways.

Lago Vista Team: Partners In Hope

Time: 2 hours after school (weekly or several times per month)

The Lago Vista Mobile Home Community has many two-income, working families; and their students often come home to an empty house. Crossroads Volunteers tutor, mentor, teach music and provide a healthy adult presence in the after-school educational programs sponsored by Lago Vista Neighbors.

Groups & Care


Time: 15-20 phone calls/mo

Do you have a caring heart, willingness to make some monthly phone calls, and a knack for listening? Care Connectors form relationships with Crossroads members to create a stronger peacemaking network. Training provided.


Time: 3-5 hr/wk

Are you a good listener? Are you a compassionate person with time to give to others? Care Ministers provide one-on-one care to those in need. Required: 9 months of weekly training sessions.


Time: 3-6 hr/mo

Do you have a heart for those dealing with loss? Volunteers with the Memorial Service Team help with ushering, food preparation, setup and take down for memorial services and celebrations of life.


Time: 1 hr/wk

This volunteer group prays each week for prayer requests submitted by the congregation and offers prayer to the side of the stage during services.


Time: 2 hr/mo

Help shape the future of Care & Support at Crossroads. The Care & Support Leadership Team is for Crossroads Members who want to think creatively about how the Care & Support area can further the church’s vision for peacemaking.


Time: 2 hr/wk

Lead your own Connect, Activity or Study Group at Crossroads. If you have an idea for a group, the Groups leadership team would love to help you make it happen.

Music & Production

Musicians Team

Sunday Mornings: 7–11:30am (1–2x per month)
Thursday Rehearsal: 6-7:30pm

Are you an experienced musician who would like to serve in the weekend worship band? We are looking for instrumentalists and singers to join our Sunday team. An audition is required.

Technical Arts Team

Sunday Mornings: 8:30-11:30am (1–2x per month)

Learn the basics of camera, lighting, and media and find what interests you the most and where you best fit.

Facility & Office

Snow Removal Team

Time: Usually two hours before the start of weekend service and throughout service, if needed.

The snow team creates a safe entrance to our facility by clearing snow and ice from sidewalks and patios. Personal snow blowers are welcome!

Maintenance Team

Time: Scheduled during regular business hours, M-Th 9am-5pm

Help with maintenance, assembly, installation, repair, etc. of Taft Ave. facility and property.

Events Team

Times vary based on event

Set up and take down tables, chairs, etc. for large special events like Octoberfest, Christmas, Easter, etc. Help on Sundays might include trash removal, tidy restrooms, general cleaning, etc.

Landscape Team

Times will start in the spring and continue through the end of fall

Tasks include removal and control of weeds, picking up trash, trimming of trees and bushes, planting.

Office Team

Time: 2-3 hours per week

Answer phone, stuff envelopes, general office tasks.

Experienced Photographers Team

Time: 2 hours per event/gathering

Do you love to take pictures? We need your talents to help capture everything that happens at Crossroads.

Printing Team

Time: 1-2x/mo for 2-3 hours

Help finish all the printed material Crossroads uses on a regular basis. Training provided.


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