Hard Truths (Day 14, Tuesday)

February 28, 2021, By: Crossroads Church

Starter Prayer: God of Hard Truths that Set Us Free, keep me learning and growing in my ability to see things from your perspective

Focus Phrase: Listen and Evolve

Back in the day, when I was a youth group kid, we learned about the “hard truths” of Christianity. The truth focused on behavioral codes that God/Jesus expects people to follow if they want to live in God’s blessing or have the assurance of eternal life. The classic metaphor was: The way is narrow that leads to life and few are those who find it; The path is wide that leads to destruction, and many are those who find it.

I grew up learning that the Christian life is hard.

I still realize that following Christ is hard. But today, I have a different perspective on what is hard about this life of following.

Today we’re staying in the same scripture and reflection, and taking time to reflect on the evolution of our thinking around “hard truths”.

Be encouraged in your practice,

Katie Martinez


  • Read Mark 8:31-9:8.
  • Read Rev. T. Denise Anderson’s commentary on p. 14 of Again & Again. The link is in every Journey email. If you’re not getting those, register here.
  • Watch/listen as John Smith retells “Truth that Ricochets”, poetry by Rev. Sarah Are. The poem is also printed on p. 13 of Again & Again.
  • Questions for journaling and spiritual conversation:
    • How has your understanding of the “hard truths” of Christianity changed over time? 
    • What new truths might God be asking you to listen to today?
  • Prayer Practice this Week: To get started, watch this video about the new prayer wall installed at the Taft Ave. Facility. Each day, write a short prayer coming out of your practice. Then choose one word or short phrase to represent your prayer. Sometime this week, weave one or more of your words/phrases to the prayer wall in the Atrium; or text your prayer to 970-500-0970, and the prayer team will weave it into the wall for you.


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This is part of Again & Again: Journey of Lent 2021 with Crossroads Church. The theme, devotional booklet, poetry and art is the work of the creative community of theologians and artists at A Sanctified Art. Crossroads is grateful for this resource!