Why Peacemakers?

We describe the spiritual journey into LOVE as that of becoming a Peacemaker. (The more common term for this idea is discipleship.)
Living the courageous life of a Peacemaker is what Jesus had in mind when he made statements like: Blessed are the Peacemakers for they will be called Children of God.

When spiritually vibrant people co-partner with God, we cultivate peace and wholeness in our homes, communities and world. We believe this process is God’s plan for helping more and more people discover their relationship with God and healthy human life.

This ministry year, Crossroads is focusing our group life on three activities of Peacemaking; Doing Justice, Loving Mercy and Living Wholeheartedly with God.

* Justice Groups engage in strategic activities to change unjust systems and support life-giving systems in our world. For instance, the Edmondson School Partnership Group supports public education by strengthening the mission of our neighborhood elementary school and providing volunteers and financial resources for Edmondson’s under-resourced programs and families. See all the Justice Groups.

* Mercy Groups show kindness to hurting people in practical ways. For example: the Food Security Group serves hot meals at Loveland’s Community Kitchen and provides multiple pathways for volunteers to participate in food drives and projects. Project Hope is a group that completes home improvement projects for at-risk households. See all the Mercy Groups.

* Wholehearted Life Groups are for inner growth and transformation. For example: The Daring Way Workshop is a group-based process for learning Dr. Brene Brown’s four skills of courage-building; the Cancer Support Group is for patients, friends and loved ones to find hope and support in their journey with cancer; the Peacemakers Book Club provides monthly reads and lively discussions for readers who are passionate about peacemaking and justice. See all the Wholehearted Life Groups.

How Do I Sign Up?
* If you’re not already in a group, browse the catalog and register online.
* Or, gather a friend or two and form your own group. Register together for something listed in the catalog. Do you have your own idea? Click here to let us know what you’re doing or to have your new group added to the catalog.
* If you’re already connecting in a group, come up with your own peacemaking idea or join one of the opportunities listed in the catalog.
As soon as you register, a facilitator will be in touch with everything else you need to know.