Weekend Series: Campfire Stories

We love to hear a good story. A good story can transport us through space and time. It can calm us down or agitate us out of complacency. A good story can heal us. And ultimately, a good story can reveal something deeper than facts or fiction: truth.

Jesus knew that short, memorable stories carry the deepest truths from generation to generation. So, Jesus told stories. His earliest followers picked up the habit and told short stories about Jesus. These stories of miracles, betrayal, friendship, journeys, deaths and resurrections transcended the years and miles, and eventually they found their way onto paper and into our lives through the Bible.

This summer, Campfire Stories is an All-Church Experience. From preschool and elementary to students and adults, let’s explore stories together that can shape our spirituality and reveal the truth of God. After all, you never know who you will meet and what you will hear while sitting around the campfire.

Join Crossroads for the 2023 All-Church Summer Experience. The 9-week series begins June 25.