Ted Talks: The Book of Lasso

In August of 2020, with a global pandemic raging and fear capturing minds, Apple TV+ released the first season of Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso would quickly become a global phenomenon, filling hearts with hope and laughter. This three season series follows the ups and downs of Coach Ted Lasso as he takes on coaching the European Professional Football club The Richmond Greyhounds, without any european football experience! Armed only with optisism, leadership and his assistant coach, Ted finds himself in a story of the ages. Not a story about winners and losers, but a story about character, loss, grief, fear, hope and the power of forgiveness.

Join Crossroads Church this fall as we explore the deep and complex characters of Ted Lasso and how they intersect with some of the most beautiful passages and themes in the Christian tradition.

The 9-week teaching series begins September 10.