Staffing News to Celebrate

July 20, 2021, By: Jimmy Scruggs

As the church family regathers in person, the staff team is reorganizing for excellence. In addition to welcoming Jamie Stewart as the new Early Childhood Program Director, we celebrate fresh opportunities for existing staff.

Here’s what you need to know

Jamie Stewart, Early Childhood Program Director
Jamie joins our team with 20 years of experience in early childhood education, preschool and childcare operations. She was hired to launch and direct the new Early Adventures Daycare and Preschool, beginning this fall in our facility at 57th and Taft. In addition to creating and leading this specialized program for the children and families of NOCO Monday-Friday, Jamie will lead our Sunday morning early childhood program team, which serves children ages birth through pre-K during services and events. Please welcome Jamie and Mauricio Stewart, their daughter Olyvia and sons Orlando and Oziah.

Amy Scruggs, Interim Coordinator for Early Childhood Sunday Program
Amy is a faithful and talented member of the Crossroads family, having served as co-director of Celebrate Recovery and in early childhood ministries. Currently, Amy coordinates the Sunday morning program for babies through pre-K. She will orient Jamie Stewart to this program over the next few months as roles evolve and the program team grows.

Amber Connot, Interim Coordinator for Elementary Sunday Program
Amber has been a key leader on the Crossroads Kids Team for nearly ten years. Recently, Amber accepted the coordinator role on our staff team. She ensures that we are able to serve our elementary kids, families, and volunteers with excellence during this re-gathering season. We’re grateful for Amber’s dedicated leadership as we search for the next ministry director who will oversee multiple programs for elementary age kids and their families and caregivers.

Isaac Bartholomew, Pastor of Community Life
Isaac is off on a new adventure to oversee the programs related to adult spiritual formation: groups, adult engagement (how we journey from “I’m new” into active involvement), care and support ministry, and hospitality ministry. Isaac will continue to lead the Thursday night student program and provide leadership support to the early childhood and elementary kids’ teams.

Pastor Dennis Anderson, Local Partners in Hope and Talent-based Ministry System Director
We’re grateful to have Dennis continuing to lead ministry as a part-time pastor and program director, giving 50% time to two key ministry areas: Local and Global Partners in Hope and the volunteer development system we call Talent-based Ministry. Dennis will serve as the director of local hope partnerships alongside Wendy Howell who directs global partnerships. 

Wendy Howell, Director of Disability Inclusion and Global Partners in Hope
Wendy has passion and experience directing global trips and partnerships. She now co-leads the Partners inHope program, focusing on global trips and global partnerships. Together, Wendy and Dennis Anderson will also oversee community outreach events such as Family Octoberfest this fall. Disability Inclusion is the updated program title replacing the term Special Needs Ministry. Wendy oversees the Sunday morning program, ensuring that children and students with disabilities have full access to the experience. She also oversees inclusion and disability ministry for camps, events, and other environments.

Keah Redder, Communications Coordinator
You know Keah as a worship leader and musician. Our staff and Council know Keah as an executive ministry coordinator. Beginning August 1, Keah will apply the strength of her talents to a new role of vital service—coordinating all our ministry messaging online and in print. We call the whole enchilada, The Crossroads Story. It’s a huge job, and we’re grateful Keah has accepted the call.

Anne Martinez is transitioning off the staff team
Anne is an artist and educator who has served in several staff roles for the past five years: directing elementary programs, summer camps, kids choir, the KidsCast, social media, communications and leading worship. We’re sad to announce that Anne is leaving our staff team to focus her talents more directly into her vocation as a musician and music educator. The good news is that we will continue to see Anne leading worship and the kids choir program at Crossroads.

Wrapping up…

Well friends, this list is not exhaustive; but I have exhausted my capacity to write any more staffing announcements! The pandemic has changed almost everyone’s job, worldwide. I personally have taken on a new role specializing in spiritual formation. Jimmy Scruggs is far more than a finance director—he is now our operations director and is developing a new recovery ministry called Breathing Underwater. Lead Pastor Ryan Howell is working closely with the Partners in Hope Team, pushing us all out of the nest to become the gathered and scattered church of peacemakers that Jesus says we are!

May you enjoy the rest of your summer; and encourage these staff as well as Glen Gilbert our facilities director, Jessica Perez our creative arts director, Darrin Williams our technical arts director, Josh Rosenbohm our music director and Kathryn Bath our finance office assistant

Katie Martinez for the Crossroads Team