The Happy Givers (Puerto Rico)

The Happy Givers offers simple ways for those who are moved by the pain of others to respond with strategic hope and simple actionable tasks. They strive to care for orphans, restore the incarcerated with their families, end extreme poverty, all while seeing communities transformed through the support and involvement of international partners. In addition to an online store where they sell (the best!) clothing (purchases with a purpose), their projects and programs include:

  • The Social Kitchen: The Social Kitchen in Puerto Rico is feeding more than 60 families every week. They cook healthy meals and deliver them directly to people who have little access to quality nutrition.
  • A Community Garden: Happy Givers owns 7 acres of land of which 2 acres is agricultural. The dream is to grow and harvest 11 different local fruits, vegetables and herbs, which will be served via the social kitchen. These 2 acres will also be a food forest, with gardening classes, agro-therapy and free produce for those in need.
  • Home Repair for the Elderly: Some of the local elderly need home repairs that they can no longer undertake. Happy Givers teams of volunteers replace broken appliances, leaky roofs or give them a requested item in need (running shoes, walker, etc.).
  • The Children’s Home in Peru: In one of the poorest areas in South America, Happy Givers has created a place of health, family, and safety. Casa de Paz (Home of Peace) is a building with running water, a great team, education, internet, and healthy meals that currently serves 40 children (with room for more). Children have access to showers, tutors, nutrition, counseling, and a community that believes in them.
  • A Micro-Enterprise Training Center: The new Micro-Enterprise Training Center is located on the Happy Givers Campus. It aims to serve the community by empowering talent and providing the tools necessary for success. They will be running courses (plus mentorships) that will help students start new businesses, create a sustainable plan, get all their permits, find funding and launch successfully.

The founder and director, Carlos Rodriguez, is passionate about reaching others with God’s radical love. He is a provocative speaker who serves communities and loves to pastor prisoners, young adults and anyone who dares to think differently. For 15 years he has been traveling the world reaching broken people with hugs, passion and the stories in Luke 15. His main passions are leading The Happy NPO and spending time with his wife, Catherine, and their 3 adorable children. Oh yeah, he also wants everyone to know that he’s a Puerto Rican (living in Puerto Rico) and he can’t wait to host you there. Carlos was the featured speaker at the first annual Crossroads Partners In Hope Gala in June of 2022.