Redemption in Action (Ivory Coast, Africa)

RIA is a Christian-based non-profit organization that is committed to fulfilling its long-term goal of providing sustainable & affordable healthcare in the Ivory Coast, continuing to develop and expand key partnerships, enhance healthcare programs, and effectively address critical needs. RIA’s Board is led by volunteers, who are building the financial resources to fund clinics & healthcare. The Board advocates and brings solutions to address challenging issues facing rural Ivorian healthcare.

RIA partners with Project C.U.R.E. with its international headquarters in Centennial, CO and provides support on the ground in Cote d’Ivoire holding medical clinics in the rural areas. RIA is committed to the belief that God created people to live in the wholeness of life. Through genuine relationships based upon trust, respect and equity, RIA connects with communities & forms partnership to help others overcome medical adversities and find purpose.

Abraham Bah is the current director of RIA in Ivory Coast.  Crossroads Council member, Sandy Giangreco Brown, has assisted in several Project Cure clinics in the Ivory Coast and plans to make another trip in October of 2022. (Hint. Hint. You could go with her.)