Elim Christian Center (Poland)

The Mission seeks to care for the spiritual and physical needs of the people in this region, believing that through this work many could come to know that God really cares for them.

Much of the help from the Mission reaches into the surrounding villages, where many of the people live in poor physical conditions, as well as many living in spiritual emptiness.

Here are a few ways the Mission extends practical care and love to the surrounding communities:
  • Feeding many each day at the Mission, including impoverished school children from the local school and families who are in daily need
  • Clothing hundreds of families yearly by channeling donated clothing
  • Helping those with disabilities—especially children from the government’s Children’s Home by providing regular ‘Horse-Riding Therapy’
  • Securing equipment for children and adults with disabilities
  • Providing food packages, coal and wood for selected impoverished families
  • Weekly Ministry to the terminally ill, elderly and people with disabilities who are shut away in government institutions
  • Gift packages for impoverished children in the community and for those in the Children’s Home
  • Providing a Crisis Shelter for the homeless, abused or for those in immediate crisis
  • Free English School for the community, followed by Bible studies
  • Libraries for the community: an English Library and a Polish Christian Library
  • Children’s Ministries, i.e. Kids Summer Camps & Club, catering for hundreds of children yearly
  • A Christian Coffee Lounge within the local town
  • Organizing transports for donated used hospital equipment for the local hospitals, as well as helping with transports for Children’s Homes
  • Training local Christians in using hand skills to create funds to provide for their families and also for the Lord’s work
As hundreds of Ukrainian refugees have poured into Poland, the Elim Christian center has become an oasis of care and support for hundreds—providing shelter, food, clothing, job possibilities and transportation.  Most recently, Elim is renovating empty rooms into usable housing for more and more refugees.

Crossroads donated several thousand dollars to Elim to help with the refugee crisis. Ken and Giselle Herweynen are the current directors. Sue Westerh, a Crossroads member, recently spent a month at Elim serving refugees and the staff. She plans to return in the fall of 2022.