Encounter Puerto Rico 2023

February 15-22, 2023

Team leader: Wendy Howell

We will encounter the people of Puerto Rico, encounter the culture, encounter peacemaking work and encounter God.

About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. Locals are American citizens and American travelers can enter the island without carrying a passport. The currency used in Puerto Rico is the U.S. dollar. The official languages are Spanish and English, although Spanish is the dominant spoken language.

Population: 3.9 million

Income: Average household income is $21,000, compared to the U.S. average salary of $66,000. Poverty rate is 45%.

Time Zone: Two hour time difference (same as U.S. east coast)

Climate: The climate in Puerto Rico is warm and tropical. The temperature varies between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. It can go down to about 60 degrees in the central mountainous area during December and January.

Communication: U.S. travelers do not require international calling plans for their phones. In Puerto Rico, there is a 4GLTE network; 5G is available at some locations.

Electrical Current: Same as U.S.

About Encounter Puerto Rico Trip

Trip Cost: $1850 (subject to minor change)

The trip is limited to the first 30 people with the deposit paid.

What it covers: Airfare*, ground transportation, lodging, all food on the ground, training materials, taxes and administrative costs.

What it does NOT cover: Medical assessments/vaccinations, food on travel days, snacks while on the ground, spending money

Recommended Immunizations: The CDC recommends the usual routine immunizations; the full COVID vaccine is required to be a team member on this trip.

We will work with: The Happy Givers, thehappygivers.com

Accommodations: We will be staying in housing next to the Happy Givers campus, equipped with A/C.

Activities: Possibilities include working at the Happy Givers campus, light construction for families in need, helping with the social kitchen.

Payment Plan: Partners in Hope will work with the team to provide tools and resources for raising the funds for the trip. These may include individual fundraising ideas and writing personal letters to friends and family. A payment plan will be provided to all team members. Failure to meet the payment plan will result in removal from the team. Each team member is responsible for the full payment of this trip. We encourage you to invite others to support you in this process, and we will coach you along the way with fundraising ideas; but the responsibility to meet this financial obligation rests on you.

First Steps for this trip: To become an official team member, submit trip application and $150 deposit. The trip application process will open August 14.

*The ticket is refundable minus a $50 per ticket penalty
Two checked bags at 50 pounds each