Group Life

The purpose of Crossroads group life is to connect people in spaces where we can build relationships, grow spiritually and transform our homes and communities with God’s love as everyday peacemakers.

Connect Groups: Gather primarily to build friendships and stay connected with each other

Activity Groups: Gather based on a shared interest/activity such as hiking, golfing, camping, etc.

Care and Support Groups: Gather around a specific care need such as divorce, addiction, grief, etc.

Study Groups: Gather for the purpose of studying a topic, book of the Bible or other resource

Partners in Hope Groups: Gather to actively engage in justice and mercy initiatives

Volunteer Teams: Gather around a specific ministry activity of Crossroads Church (Nursery, Youth, Hospitality, Music, etc.)

The best way to join a group is to visit our Groups Webpage and look for a group that fits your schedule and interest. Once you see a group that will work, just click “Join Group” and fill out the form. This will let that group leader know that you are interested in joining. The leader will then reach out to you with all the details to help you get connected.

Click the link below to view all available groups and to sign up.