Creation Care (Day 10, Friday)

February 21, 2021, By: Crossroads Church

Starter Prayer: God of Mercy and Promise, help me join you in loving the earth and all her inhabitants. Lead me into new actions, expressing my gratitude for the wonder of creation.

Focus Phrase: Creation Care

Last summer I was sharing a reflection on Facebook Live. The topic was wisdom for discerning one’s vote in the upcoming election. Participants were dropping into the “comments” section the values that guide them in how to vote. I was struck by how many of our church family named “Creation Care” or something similar.

I’m proud of our church for your commitment to loving neighbors and loving the earth that God made. I’m also proud of us for being willing to change our behavior and treat all living things with God’s love and care.

Here’s a teaser quote from today’s reading and artwork:

We must respond to God’s covenant by protecting and keeping the earth. It is our responsibility; it is our calling. God meets us where we are– utterly dependent and bound toward self-destruction– with a promise sealed with a bow bursting with the endless spectrum of colors light holds. Lauren Wright Pittman

Be encouraged in your practice (and don’t miss the art and reflection today!)

Katie Martinez


  • Read Genesis 9:8-17
  • Read pages 11-12 of Again & Again. The link is in every Journey email. If you’re not getting those, register here.
  • Questions for journaling and spiritual conversation:
    • How or where do you experience God in creation?
    • What behavior in you needs to change in order for you to participate more fully in Creation Care?


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This is part of Again & Again: Journey of Lent 2021 with Crossroads Church. The theme, devotional booklet, poetry and art is the work of the creative community of theologians and artists at A Sanctified Art. Crossroads is grateful for this resource!