Dennis Anderson

Local Partners in Hope and Talent-Based Ministry System Director

Shiloh Calfina

Graphic Design Artist

John Chapman

Custodian & Interim Tech Coordinator

Amber Connot

Finance Office Assistant

Cy Dieter

Facilities Manager

Ryan Howell

Lead Pastor

Wendy Howell

Disability Inclusion and Global Partners in Hope Director

Rod & Tara Kaya

Hospitality & Connections Coordinators

Jessica Perez

Music Director

Keah Redder

Communications Director

Amy Scruggs

Interim Coordinator for Early Childhood Sunday Program

Jimmy Scruggs

Finance & Operations Director

John Smith

Founding Pastor

Jamie Stewart

Early Childhood Program Director

Patty Stroup

Elementary Program Director

Darrin Williams

Creative Arts Director

Crossroads Church Council

Steve Boston

Sandy Giangreco Brown

Ryan Howell

Lead Pastor

Debbie Mathews

Autumn Patterson

Gregg Piburn

Jonna Pearson

Jimmy Scruggs

Finance & Operations Director

Aisha Thomas


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