• F

    FILL God’s house with 5,000 worshipers at our weekend services by our 25th year, the year 2020.

  • A

    ASSIST more people with needs through local and global programs of care and support.

  • I

    INTERACT with our growing church fellowship through enhanced campus environments and new technologies.

  • T

    TRAIN 25% of our church family to be skilled leaders in the church and community.

  • H

    HELP the next generation belong and grow.


We're attempting huge projects with God and expecting great things from God. Get the latest news on the Daring Faith projects and financial progress


See how God is changing lives through the mission of Daring Faith. Share your Daring Faith stories with our northern Colorado family.


Your gifts to Daring Faith will enable our church family to reach others with the same transforming message of Jesus that has made such a difference in your own life. Hope is here! Let's pass it on.


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