Carry the Message

July 16, 2018, By: Dana Cramer

“Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up. But if someone is alone… there is no one to help him…Two can resist an attack that would defeat one man alone.”
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

In Celebrate Recovery, it is not our role to produce behavior modification in people; that’s Gods job to do. I remember early in my recovery how frustrated I would get trying to help others. I would make a 12-step call to the hospital but never saw the results of the interaction and wondered if I had made any difference at all in the person’s life. I didn’t understand at the time that my role was to carry the message of recovery through God’s grace and love; I needed to leave the results up to God. Luckily, I had good sponsorship and counsel that helped me to understand this spiritual truth.

But every once in a while God would show me what can happen when you carry the message. I had made a 12-step call on a man in the hospital, spending an hour with him sharing my story and listening to his. A few years later he came by to tell me he had been sober for some time and wanted me to know that sharing my experience, strength, and hope with him was the beginning of his recovery. There have been many examples since then, but the lesson I learned is that you never know how God is going to use you to impact people. We carry the message of God’s love and grace to people, sharing the 12 steps of recovery. But let us be clear about who is doing the healing—that would be God.

Dana Cramer // Celebrate Recovery at Crossroads

Celebrate Recovery at Crossroads Church Calendar
July 16-22, 2018

Friday, July 20: Lesson Night

  • 6pm: Our Hospitality Team is preparing a wonderful dinner for you. Please join us for food and fellowship.
  • 7pm: Join us for an hour of worship and a recovery message from Jimmy: Crossroads.
  • 8pm: Open Share Groups.
  • 9pmSolid Rock Café.