Weekend Series: The Winners Circle

Paving Your (unlikely) Path to the Top

…but among you it shall not be so. Rather, let the greatest among you be as the youngest, and the leader as the servant. —Luke 22:26
Everybody loves a winner. In fact, it feels good to sit in the winners circle once in a while. We live in a competitive society, and we track the winners… and the losers. Who has the biggest salary? Which team is the most successful? Who has the most followers? And who is getting canceled this week?

Greatness in itself is not a bad thing, but we often chase it in unhealthy ways. It’s easy to end up tracking the wrong metrics and letting society define who wins and who loses.

Jesus offers an unlikely path to greatness. The path is not found in getting the best education, making the most money, getting enough followers on social media. This path is not found in the halls of political power or on the cover of magazines. No, the unlikely path to the top–to the real winners circle–is found through the humble act of serving.

In The Winners Circle, explore the power of ambition and modeling, turn freedom on its head and ultimately discover Jesus’ path to greatness. The four-week teaching series begins October 30.