Watch For the Light (First Sunday of Advent)

November 27, 2021, By: Crossroads Church

Welcome! As you set aside time each day for Advent prayer, consider using this approach, which works well for individuals and groups of all ages.

Light a candle. Pause to remember the presence of God filling you with Light and Love.

Pray this Opening Prayer:

Radiant Creator, awaken me to your presence.
Jesus, Light of all Lights, kindle love in my heart.
Spirit of Illumination, guide my path today. 

Advent Reflection for the Day

Be vigilant at all times… Luke 21:36

As we enter Advent, the gospels urge us to be alert and watch for evidence of Christ’s light in our lives the One sent to be our “light forever” (Isaiah 60:19). Becoming vigilant about this radiant presence is like patiently waiting for a sunrise. As we sit in the deep darkness before dawn, our eyes begin to see form and shape. Gradually the light expands and we see outlines of trees, hills and buildings. On many days the entire eastern horizon will soon blaze with glory, astounding us with beauty.

Our spiritual ancestors waiting for a savior were like people waiting for the dawn. In time, Jesus came to dispel the darkness especially the inner darkness that kept them from seeing clearly. At Christmas, we celebrate that this Christ Child who lights our lives is much greater than a glorious sunrise. The glory of God in human form blazed through the bleak landscape of the world, yet many were not able to recognize what was happening among them.

Advent invites us to open more of our hearts for the Spirit of Christ Jesus, who called himself the “light of the world” (John 8:12). John’s Gospel describes Jesus as “the light of the human race” (John 1:14). Once a baby in Bethlehem, this Risen Christ now lives in us!

It’s easy to forget or overlook this important TRUTH. Advent is a time to practice being spiritually alert. Now is the time to watch for Christ’s ever-present love within you and in others. December is a great month for daily welcoming God’s light and sharing the gift with others by our loving actions.


Set your intention for the day:

Today I will look for the ways the Divine Light is evident in my life.

Pray this Closing Prayer:

Jesus, you are the Everlasting Light.
Help me to bring your love everywhere I go.
Fill me so fully this Advent 
        that all my life will be a reflection of you.
Shine through me so that that everyone I come in contact with today
        may feel your presence in my spirit. 
Let them look and see, not just me, but you,
        Light of all Lights,
        Shining through me. Amen 

As you blow out the candle and the light is gone, remember you have divine light within you that will never go out. You take the light of Christ with you wherever you are.