The Reward (Day 2, Thursday)

February 16, 2021, By: Jimmy Scruggs

Starter Prayer: God of genuine spirituality: Lead us through the steps of recovery from our addiction to approval. May we risk being real and present with you, ourselves and others. May we know the reward of deep connection.

Focus Phrase: Connection with God

I’ve studied Jesus’ warnings against spiritual grandstanding for most of my life. Like you, I’ve noticed that most people are turned off by anyone seeking attention or credit for their religious activities.

I’ve also noticed that most people feel inadequate when it comes to spiritual practices such as prayer, financial giving and (God forbid) fasting. (Could we be so lucky that God forbids fasting?)

If you’re with me so far, you simply must read Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman’s commentary in today’s spiritual practice. It’s short and powerful. I’ll leave you with an important quote from Lauren:

It is in our full, embodied intentionality that we find deep connection with God and ourselves. This is the reward.

May you know the reward,

Katie Martinez


  • Read pp. 3-4 in the devotional, Again & Again. The link is in every Journey email. If you’re not getting those, register here.
  • Read Matthew 6:1-21. (Yes, it’s the same passage we read yesterday!)
  • Questions for journaling and spiritual conversation:
    • What are your spiritual practices?
    • What practices need new life?


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