Surf’s Up Splash Camp

July 5-8

Beat the heat and have fun in the sun at Surf’s Up Splash Camp, part of Crossroads Kids Adventure Camp. Includes a field trip to Water World on July 6 (must register for Wednesday of Camp and pay field trip fee).

Daily Schedule: 8:30am-3pm

Every day includes Small Group time, 4 activity rotations, lunch and 2 snack times, and downtime activities. Wednesday is a field trip to Water World.

Extended Care add-on: 7:30-8:30am and 3-5:30pm

Lunch & Snacks

Each child needs to bring their own lunch and two healthy snacks every day.

Special Considerations

Crossroads Kids Adventure Camp accommodates children of all abilities. If there is a need for modification, please indicate so on your registration form and a staff member will contact you prior to the start of camp.

Quick Facts


6-11 years old


#Days 8:30am-3pm Extended Care
7:30-8:30am and 3-5:30pm
4 $290 (includes Water World field trip) $59
3 $135 + $75 Water World field trip fee if applicable $37
2 $95 + $75 Water World field trip fee if applicable $26


Patty Stroup, Elementary Programs Director, Send Mail
Crossroads Church, 5420 N Taft Ave, Loveland CO 80538