Project HOPE (formerly Project One)

Update—September 2020

What is Project Hope?  

Through our congregation and partners in the community, projects are nominated. In the season we are in, they are outside, need volunteer teams of 10 or less, and will have minimal contact with lower risk homeowner. The projects vary from easy (yard clean up and mulch spreading) to hefty (house painting, mobile home skirt installation, fencing).

These projects will be completed by Project Leaders and volunteer teams consisting of people that are already comfortable working with each other. This could be families, a group of close friends or any group (2 or more) that will work outside with each other to complete a project. Teams would be expected to exercise wisdom in order to keep the team and those they are serving healthy (masks, sanitizing, etc.).  Project Leaders will determine the schedule (doesn’t have to be a Saturday) for completion which can be spread over several days.

If you have a team, we have a project! If you need a team, talk to those closest to you. Email [email protected] to get a complete list and sign up to serve someone who really needs some love, especially now.

Project HOPE: Here’s how it works.

Apply to Project HOPE for funding to complete a new project for someone you know. You will serve as the Project Leader to nominate a new project, put together a team of volunteers and complete the project. The Project HOPE Directors team will empower you by providing funding (if needed and upon approval) and expertise (consulting or in-person if needed) along the way to make sure that you have what you need to love YOUR neighbor. You will communicate with the one you’re serving, apply for funding if needed (online or email form), mobilize your team, set your schedule, purchase the materials (we have vendor suggestions) and complete the project. We also want to help you celebrate your service by providing a photo gallery, an end of the year celebration event and a way to tell your story (such as a video).

Submit your Project HOPE Project Nomination Form. To nominate a project, email [email protected].

It’s YOUR neighbor so bringing your team of neighbors, friends and family to help serve makes sense and provides the maximum flexibility. To get a Project HOPE nomination form, email [email protected].

We want to see your photos! To upload photos to our gallery, click here.

Donations (financially, materials or food)

Project One is made possible through the generosity of individuals throughout the northern Colorado community. There are several ways to donate:

  • Financial Donations:
    • To donate, click the box below that says “financial donations.” You will be taken to a giving page.
    • On the giving page under the “Giving Type” drop down menu, select Project One.
    • Fill out all the required fields and how much you would like to donate, then hit submit. You will receive an email confirmation as successfully donating.
  • Sponsorship
    • If you are a business or business owner, we have the option of financial sponsorship. There are two levels of sponsorship—Gold ($1500+) and Silver ($300 – $1500). To learn more about the benefits of being a sponsor, click here.
  • Material Donations
    • Contact [email protected]. Include your contact info and a description of what you would like to donate.
  • Food Donations
    • Contact [email protected]. Include your contact info and a description of what you would like to donate.

Thank you to all who donate, you help make Project One a success through your generosity.