Project HOPE (formerly Project One)

Update—October 2020

Peacemakers: Ordinary people following in the footsteps of Jesus by doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God everywhere they go.

Project Hope is a ministry of Crossroads church comprised of groups of people (peacemakers) who love their families, friends, neighbors or even the stranger by providing the labor or finances to make home repairs and improvements for those who lack the resources to do the work on their own.  Our goal is to make a significant and lasting practical difference in our community together. 

Project Hope’s desire is to empower you to love your neighbor in very practical and tangible ways. We hope to empower your group (family, small group, work colleagues, neighbors, etc.) to serve someone that you know. The Project Hope leadership team can provide money, construction expertise, project evaluation, materials recommendations, volunteers (in some cases) and general oversight in order for you to complete a project that is near and dear to your heart.

The Process:

  1. Select a Project. There may be someone in your life that has a need that they are either physically or financially unable to do for themselves (eg. fence repair, ramp construction, painting, yard work, basic landscaping, etc.). If you don’t have a person or project in mind but have a group of people that want to do a project, contact the Project Hope team for a current list of projects.
  2. Gather a Team: This could be your family, a group of work colleagues or friends. It could be a group of neighbors (helping another neighbor) or your church group. The size of the team will be determined by the size of the project that you take on. Contact the Project Hope team if you need additional volunteers for your team.
  3. Evaluate the Project: Do a site visit and answer the following questions. What is the work that needs to be done? How much of the work should your group take on (prioritize the work with the resident)? What materials are needed? What will the materials cost? Where will we get them? Where will we get the money for the project (Can the resident pay for them? Can our team pay for them? Should we apply to Project Hope for funding?) What skills are needed on the team to do this project? How much time is needed to complete the project? When will we do this project—select a date and a backup date (in case of bad weather)? If you need help to evaluate any aspect of a project, contact the Project Hope team. The team may be able to provide you with the resources or skills needed for this project.
  4. Gather the needed resources. The Project Hope team will provide you with a packet of materials that will help you with best practices tips, team leading tips and all of the necessary resources identified in the process below.
    1. Team Leader
    2. Team Members
    3. Skilled Team Member (if you have a fence construction project, you’ll need someone on the team with fence building skills)
    4. Money or in-kind donations (for Project Hope Funding fill out the Project Nomination Form
    5. Resident Consent Form
    6. Materials & Tools
    7. Date
    8. Project Hope T-shirts (Crossroads provides free t-shirt for everyone who serves on a Project Hope team.
    9. Project Hope Liability Release Forms
  5. Communicate with your Team: Be sure your team knows when to show up, where to show up, what to bring (water, gloves, rakes, paint brushes, etc.) what you’re doing for lunch (if longer than a half day), when you expect to finish, etc. Communicate Covid safe practices (face masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing, etc.)
  6. Do the Project: This is the best part! Remember to care for the resident on the day(s) that you do the project—even assigning a group member to be with the resident on and off during the day. Some residents may want to help out or simply watch. Some residents may not want to be around much. Be sensitive to the resident. Encourage your team.
  7. Send in a few pictures: When appropriate and remembering to be very sensitive to your situation, take a few pictures of your work and your team. Email the 4 best pictures to [email protected]
  8. Celebrate the Project: If appropriate, have a little party later to celebrate and debrief the experience. Invite your resident if it seems appropriate. Remember to stay Covid safe at your party.
  9. Let the Project Hope team know how it went by completing the Project Hope Completion Form within 48 hours of project completion.
  10. Submit all forms to [email protected], Crossroads Church 5420 North Taft, Loveland CO 80538