Poetry of Promise (Day 29, Wednesday)

March 14, 2021, By: Jimmy Scruggs

Starter Prayer: God of poetic promises, clear up the misunderstandings we harbor in our religious minds. Free us to accept the true and inclusive meaning of your promise of eternal life, for ourselves and the world you love.

Focus Phrase: Poetry of Promise

Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity’s story about John 3:16 and her mother’s death is moving. She took me back to my own high school days and the performative faith of my younger self. I love how she is compassionate with her younger self and sees how God mends the gaps between our human striving and God’s wisdom and power in us.

I love her phrase, “The poetry of promise.” It’s a keeper for me!

I hope you enjoy Rev. Garrity’s story and painting. Tomorrow we will reflect more on “Light Wave.”

Be encouraged in your practice.

Katie Martinez


  • Read and reflect on p. 27-28 of Again & Again. The link is in every Journey email. If you’re not getting those, register here.  
  • Read John 3:1-21.
  • Directions for journaling and spiritual practice:
    • Read John 3:16 aloud slowly, three times, pausing for silence and reflection after each reading.
    • What word or phrase captures your attention.
    • What new thing is God showing you in this “poetry of promise.”
    • Form a prayer out of your experience.
  • Make your plans to participate in the Good Friday Experience at Crossroads, in-person, online or on demand. We will reflect upon the hidden wisdom and true power of Christ’s Love. For the in-person option, a reservation is necessary.
  • As the week unfolds, what word or phrase captures your attention? Weave your word into the prayer wall at the Taft Avenue facility; or text your word to 970-500-0970, and the prayer team will weave it into the wall for you.


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This is part of Again & Again: Journey of Lent 2021 with Crossroads Church. The theme, devotional booklet, poetry and art is the work of the creative community of theologians and artists at A Sanctified Art. Crossroads is grateful for this resource!