Groups Catalog for Peacemakers

Welcome to the Groups Catalog for the 2020-21 ministry year. The purpose of Crossroads group life is to connect people in spaces where we can build relationships, grow spiritually and transform our homes and communities with God’s love. This year, the catalog is focused on three activities of Peacemaking: Doing Justice, Showing Mercy and cultivating a Wholehearted Life. Learn more about the three activities of Peacemaking.

Justice Groups

Strategic activities to change unjust systems or support life-giving systems in our world.

Lament and Hope

A Guided Prayer Journey for Racial Justice

6-week digital guide with weekly drops; begins November 10
Leaders: Autumn Patterson and Katie Martinez

Lament means: praying out of our emotions. In this prayer journey of Lament and Hope we will grieve the injustice of systemic racism. We will learn about the history of racism and the ways racism is present in our minds, behaviors and institutions. From a compassionate place of non-judgment, we will pray for God’s mercy and justice to rid the world of racism. This is a guided and self-paced prayer journey; and every week we will drop a set of resources including readings, prayers, meditations, links and opportunities to discuss what is happening in our souls and our world. Join us on this journey of Lament and Hope for the end of systemic racism. REGISTER NOW >>


Crossroads KIDS Group Leader Team

Volunteers lead groups on campus during regular service times. Zoom and home group leaders schedule varies.
Leaders: Anne Martinez and Isaac Bartholomew

The CK Group Leader Team leads kids and students in activities during CK Groups time on Sundays during regular services (9am & 11am), via Zoom and in family homes. Group leaders ensure that groups are facilitated in a safe and loving environment. This team is socially distanced at the church with safety guidelines in place, and the time commitment is flexible with a minimum of one group meeting per month. CK Groups at home are led by parents facilitating the KidsCast video and guiding the hands-on activities for their own children or friends and neighbors. Training and background check is required to lead CK Groups on campus. Training is provided for leading home groups. REGISTER NOW >>


Student Ministry (SHIFT) Leader Team

Thursdays 6:30pm at Crossroads
Leader: Isaac Bartholomew

The SHIFT team is a fun group of adults who love students. We understand the unique pressures and opportunities of being a teenager today! Group leaders make sure that student ministry happens in a safe and welcoming environment. This team is socially distanced at the church with safety guidelines in place, and the time commitment is flexible with a minimum of one group meeting per month. We need all types of leaders: Organizers, musicians, tech savvy, hyper, compassionate and thoughtful. Please consider helping us lead and develop the next generation! Training and background check is required for all SHIFT volunteers. REGISTER NOW >>


Edmondson School Partnership Group

Activities, dates and location vary
Leader: Wendy Hurd

We support, encourage and serve the staff and families of Laurene Edmondson Elementary School. Service opportunities include: food and hospitality for school events, teacher support and appreciation, providing school supplies, volunteerism (when we can), food baskets for under-resourced families and more. Bring your creative ideas on how to support, serve and encourage the Edmondson educators and families during this Covid season. REGISTER NOW >>


Stay Free Anti Human Trafficking Partnership

Virtual volunteers serve children and families in Romania, begins early in 2021
Facilitator: Ryan and Wendy Howell

Through the 2020 Kids Are Worth It! initiative we donated $16K to Stay Free, an org raising awareness of human trafficking in eastern Europe. This group will build on these efforts and begin to raise awareness locally in the greater Colorado area. For more information on global human trafficking read this. REGISTER NOW >>


Moldova Junior Kids Camp Partnership

Planning begins early in 2021, virtual volunteering takes place Summer 2021
Facilitator: Dennis Anderson

Summer of 2020 we served over 100 students including 35 first-timers in a one-week, English language, summer kids camp in Moldova by partnering with the local church Philadelphia Church. This group will further our partnership by expanding the involvement of Crossroads people in the 2021 Moldova Junior Kids Camp. REGISTER NOW >>


Mercy Groups

Showing kindness to hurting people in practical ways.

Hope Builders

Home improvements for households in need

Project groups set their own schedules.
Leader: Laura Patterson

Hope Builders is a ministry of Crossroads church fueled by groups of Peacemakers who love their families, friends, neighbors and strangers by providing the labor or finances to make home repairs and improvements for those who lack the resources to do the work on their own. Hope Builders’ desire is to empower you to love your neighbor in very practical and tangible ways. We hope to resource your group (family, small group, work colleagues, neighbors, etc.) to serve someone that you know. The Hope Builders leadership team can provide money, construction expertise, project evaluation, materials recommendations, volunteers (in some cases) and general oversight in order for you to complete a project that is near and dear to your heart. And if you or your group needs a project, the team can provide you with one of those too! REGISTER NOW >>


Lago Vista Neighborhood Group

Serving under-resourced children and families

Volunteers after school; Lago Vista Mobile Home Units 133 & 135
Leader: Steve Boston and Sandy Swaim

The Lago Vista Mobile Home Community has many two-income, working families; and their students often come home to an empty house. Our group provides a strong after-school presence. Activities include homework help, one-to-one conversation, music and art lessons, reading and games. If you can do any of these activities with students (grades 1-12), consider joining this group. REGISTER NOW >>


Food Security Group

Feeding the hungry in northern Colorado

Volunteer schedules vary; locations vary
Leader: Sally Wabeke

This group works to improve the health of children and adults in our community and world. Hunger is a condition in which people do not get enough food to provide the nutrients for fully productive, active lives. Causes include lack of money, an imbalanced diet and cutting meal sizes or skipping meals to stretch the food they have. We serve at the Loveland Community Kitchen, Kids Food Pak, Larimer County Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Seniors, assist with the annual Crossroads Stuff-The-Truck Food Drive, prep and deliver bread donations to local agencies, and more. REGISTER NOW >>


Helping Hands Team

Admin and project work for Crossroads Kids Groups program

Volunteer schedules vary; on-campus and remote options
Leader: Anne Martinez

The Helping Hands Team assists with all behind the scenes work to make kids and student programs and events happen. Helping Hands do tasks like assembling group supplies, making copies and helping with room setup. This team is 100% socially distanced and the time commitment is totally flexible depending on your schedule. We also work remotely sending birthday cards, delivering meals to new parents and helping the Family Ministry Team create a caring culture. No training required. REGISTER NOW >>


Prayer Team

Weekly digital drop of prayer requests; 24/7 remote prayer

Trained volunteers pray with people during online and in-person gatherings.
Leader: Autumn Patterson

Do you enjoy prayer? Do you want to pray more and grow? Are you willing to pray for others? Then join our Prayer Group! Weekly you will receive an email with a list of the prayer requests that are submitted to Crossroads. You will also receive urgent prayer requests (via email) that come into the church office during the week. Some of us pray with people who come forward during Thursday night and Sunday services. If you’re new to prayer we will help you grow in this area. REGISTER NOW >>


Disability Ministry Team

Volunteers serve during Thursday and Sunday gatherings on campus.
Leader: Wendy Howell

Our Disability Ministry Team believes God’s power and purpose works in and through every human life. This team provides individualized care for participants in the Disability Ministry. Leaders walk alongside families and individuals with disabilities services. Leaders are trained and must complete an application and background check. REGISTER NOW >>


Care Minister Training

Compassionate volunteers provide skilled spiritual care

The next training will be in the Fall of 2021
Leaders: Randy Swaim and Patti Babiuch

Are you compassionate and a good listener? Do people seem to seek you out for spiritual and emotional support? Would you like to receive high quality training for a lifetime of helping others? Register to attend a care ministry preview session and see if this volunteer role is for you. This training and volunteer role is a big commitment with many rewards. It will change the way you live, love and lead. REGISTER NOW >>


Wholehearted Life Groups

Inner growth and transformation; Making peace within yourself.

The Peacemakers Book Club

Important reads and lively discussions

Book club happens monthly on Zoom
Facilitators: Crossroads pastors and other book worms

Do you love books? Join us for a year of important reads and lively discussions. Every month we’ll announce an important book and drop a reading guide and other resources. The Peacemaker’s Book Club meets in the Zoom room one evening every month. The November read is How To Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. Feel free to pick it up and start reading; or listen on Audible.Register now and we’ll notify you by email when books are announced and resources drop. REGISTER NOW >>



For people dealing with loss of a loved one

The next session will be in the Fall of 2021
Facilitator: Sherrie Piburn

This support group is a 13-week seminar for people who are dealing with the death of a loved one. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. GriefShare is led by people who understand and want to help. You’ll gain access to valuable resources to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life. REGISTER NOW >>



For adults dealing with divorce or separation

Tuesdays at 6:30pm at Crossroads Church
Facilitators: Candice Andrews and Jerry Fand

The spring session of DivorceCare begins on Tuesday, April 27, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. We will meet in-person at the Crossroads facility following Covid safe protocols (masks and social distancing are required). This support group is a 13-week seminar for adults dealing with divorce or separation. Skilled facilitators and caring people will walk with you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone. REGISTER NOW >>


Daring Way™ Workshops

Courage-building skills for the way we live, love, parent and lead

020 Calendar and locations TBD; Friday 6-8:30pm and Sat 9am-5pm
Facilitator: Katie Martinez and video teaching with Dr. Brené Brown

According to Dr. Brené Brown, courageous people have four skill sets that are 100% teachable. The goal of The Daring Way™ Workshop is to share what Dr. Brown and her research team have learned about taking off the armor and showing up as wholehearted leaders in our homes, schools and organizations. This retreat-style experience combines videos, live teaching and skill-building exercises in a supportive setting. Your participation is an investment in your own well-being that will change the way you live, love, parent and lead. The workshops are offered on select weekends, Friday evening and all day Saturday. REGISTER NOW >>


Foster and Adoptive Families

Courage-building skills for the way we live, love, parent and lead

Every other Tuesday, 6:30pm; Crossroads Campus
Facilitator: Laura Patterson

This support group is for foster parents, adoptive parents and those considering foster care or adoption. The bi-monthly gathering provides support, training and discussion topics to empower both parents and children. You are welcome to join anytime. REGISTER NOW >>


Young Adult Connect Group

Sundays, 6pm; Crossroads Atrium unless otherwise notified
Facilitator: Bri Williams

Come meet other young adults, talk about life and work and explore meaningful topics. Each week you can expect laughter, conversation and spiritual encouragement. The group chooses the conversation topics together. REGISTER NOW >>


Johnstown/Windsor/Greeley Connect Group

Wednesdays, 7pm; Zoom Room unless otherwise notified.
Facilitators: Wendy/Ryan Howell

This group is a place for folks living in the Johnstown/Windsor/Greeley area to meet others, build friendships, laugh and share our lives. If you live in that area and would like to connect with Crossroads people, the Howells invite you to help make their group meaningful. Each week you can expect laughter, conversation, sharing an update on what’s happening in your life and praying together. The group will decide discussion topics together and currently is primarily meeting through Zoom. REGISTER NOW >>


Men’s Study Group

Saturdays, 7-8:30am; Crossroads Atrium
Facilitators: Steve Boston, Mark Darling, Dennis Anderson

Many men lack true friendship and mutual support from other men. Join a group of men who meet weekly to talk, laugh, learn and discuss the Bible and other topics together. We also grow, pray and do life together. Currently we are discussing the weekly sermons. Any man is welcome to join at any time. REGISTER NOW >>


Women’s Study Group

Thursdays at 9:30am in room 207 at the Crossroads facility
Leader: Sueli Penhalber

The Women’s Study Group is starting a new book on April 8 called When God Doesn’t Fix It. All women are welcome to join in for this 5 session study. REGISTER NOW >>