Peace Is Worth It! 2021

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.” 
—Jesus (Matthew 5:9)

Angels proclaimed at the birth of Jesus, “Peace on Earth.” 2,021 years later, most people would hardly describe our world as peaceful. Our own nation stands deeply divided, burdened by the anger and fear too many people have toward one another.

Christmas Eve 2020 this faith community begins the next ten-year journey of ministry, with PEACEMAKING as the core message of Crossroads Church. 

Consider the invitation of Jesus: Come to me and find healing and wholeness. Stop the cycle of unforgiveness and retaliation. Discover your true-life hidden with God in Christ. And become an everyday peacemaker—Spirit-led, bringing hope into your world.

Even in a raging pandemic, we hear God directing us to move out. We will not stand still and wait. We will press into this vision, engaging the work God is doing now and mobilizing for more opportunities when the pandemic is over. 

The hard truth is undeniable: We are living in a global pandemic. The 2021 Peace Is Worth It! emphasis invites us to intentionally and generously contribute our time, talent and treasure so that the pandemic does not slow down the vision God has entrusted to Crossroads Church. 

The Unacceptable “Truths”

Among other things, our church family has identified five unacceptable “truths” that break our hearts and move us to action:

  • Spiritual Emptiness
  • Poverty
  • Illiteracy
  • Fear of the Other (Racism, Homophobia and Sexism)
  • Modern Day Slavery


With a firm reliance on God, together we pledge our time, our talent and our treasure to the vision of peacemaking in the face of the pandemic. Together we will…

  • Pledge Our Time and Participate in the Vision. Our Goal—1000 hours per week or 52,000 hours of receiving inspiration, equipping and encouragement.
  • Pledge Our Talent and Advance the Vision. Our Goal—150 Regular Volunteers contributing 5200 hours per year.
  • Contributing Our Treasure and Fund the Vision. Our Goal—150 households contribute $275,000 beyond our regular giving.

Discerning Your Commitment 

The Season of Advent is a special time when God often brings fresh vision into your life. Advent is the perfect time to discern your personal place in the Peace is Worth it! 2021 ministry emphasis. Begin by listening to Ryan’s Vision Talks: Start Your Engines and Is it Really Worth It?

Reflect on the following prompts and questions. Notice what you’re thinking and feeling. Talk to God about it. Write down your ideas or discuss them with a spiritual friend. 

Contributing My Time (Participating in the Vision)
When you give your time to participate in a program such as the Weekend LiveCast or a Group for Peacemakers, you will find new ways to bring peace into your everyday life. Each of us should be consumers of the ministries of our church, finding hope ourselves, so that we might be empowered to bring hope to others.  

  • How could I make the Weekend LiveCast a regular habit in my life? What Peacemaker Groups might help me find more inner peace or spiritual strength?

Contributing My Talent (Advancing the Vision)
By giving your time to volunteer and lead you are advancing our shared Vision for Peacemaking. The team is here to help you find a place where you can volunteer in a Covid-safe and significant way. Without volunteers we will not advance the vision and bring the hope of Jesus to the spiritually disconnected, disenfranchised and dissatisfied.

  • What types of volunteering do I feel inspired or equipped to do?
  • How many hours/week or month do I feel moved to give?
  • What type of support or guidance do I need from my church to find a COVID-safe, meaningful way to volunteer?

Contributing My Treasure (Fund the Vision)
Contributing your treasure begins with regular giving to support the current ministries of your church. The Peace Is Worth It! Financial Pledge is your  opportunity to give a gift beyond your regular tithe or an invitation to begin giving regularly to fund the vision of your church. By starting to regularly give financially or giving above and beyond your regular tithes you are funding the vision to inspire, equip and encourage everyday peacemakers in the face of a pandemic that is closing churches around our nation.

  • What is God inviting me into? (A new habit of giving? Adding to my existing habit?)
  • How much do I feel inspired to give, December 2020 through November 2021? And how much do I feel inspired to give in the Christmas Offering?
  • What schedule of giving is the best spiritual habit for me? (Weekly, monthly or something else?)

Giving Goals and Calculator

Total YearlyWeeklyMonthlyHouseholds Needed

During the Christmas Eve Services and the following 12 days of Christmas we will have the opportunity to celebrate our pledges and share in the Christmas Offering.