We Have A New Lead Pastor!

July 15, 2019, By: Crossroads Church

Members of Crossroads Church, in a vote at noon on Sunday, overwhelmingly affirmed the Pastoral Search Team’s recommendation for Lead Pastor. Our candidate heartily accepted the role, and the meeting ended with cheers, happy tears, hugs and prayers of gratitude.

Ryan and his family have taken off for a week of family vacation, and we expect it will take another week for him and his leadership team to work their communication process with his current church. Once that process is complete, we will make a formal announcement to Crossroads and the northern Colorado community.

Thank you for your participation in all the “Meet the Candidate” events of last week and weekend. Our experience together was truly a picture of the best of Christ’s church—people gathering together, learning together, welcoming newcomers and praying with hope about the future.

We anticipate that Ryan will begin full-time at Crossroads in mid-September. In the meantime, Ryan will do some part-time work with our leadership and programming teams, getting to know staff culture and planning together for the next season of ministry.

If you have questions or input, please contact Pastor Dennis Anderson or me.

God bless you!
Katie Martinez

P.S. Thank you for keeping social media silence until our formal announcement in a couple of weeks. And thank you for praying for Ryan, his home church and his family during this important time of transition.