Letter from Ryan

September 16, 2022, By: Jimmy Scruggs

Dear Crossroads family,

It’s inevitable that life brings change. This is especially true for a church, and it feels like we’ve been going through a lot of change lately. But change can be a good thing. And it’s with this in mind that we celebrate the transition that is coming for one of our beloved staff members.

You may have read in the Feed this week that Jessica Perez is transitioning out of vocational ministry. This is a good change that’s a long time coming for Jessica and the Perez family. The burrito business that started as a dream a number of years ago has exploded onto the Northern Colorado food scene in a big way. While Jessica has continued her work on staff at Crossroads, Momma Perez Burritos has been growing and expanding. The time is now right for Jessica to step back and focus on her business adventures.

You may not be aware, but Jessica is the daughter of John Smith, founding pastor of Crossroads. So she has been with Crossroads from the beginning, serving in various role in both part- and full-time capacity over the past 26 years. Her energy and charisma are baked into Crossroads’ DNA. We are grateful for her leadership, and particularly for her willingness to continue providing direction during this year’s transition in the music team. We are excited about her continued involvement in a volunteer capacity, and together with Jessica, we look forward to what the next chapter holds.

Please make plans to join us in the Sunday gathering at 10am on September 25 as we honor Jessica and thank her for her years of leadership and service. Then stay afterward for a reception where you can greet Jessica and share memories. If you’d like, please bring a card expressing your appreciation and love.

As Jessica’s Crossroads family, we are excited to see where this change in life takes her, and we are honored that we will continue to be on the journey with her.

Have a great weekend,