Crossroads Kids Virtual Choir

Be part of the Crossroads Kids Virtual Choir and bring JOY to people through singing! Kids who want to participate will film themselves singing the song ‘Brighter,’ and submit it online. Then we will take all of your videos and compile them into one BIG video that is the Crossroads Kids Virtual Choir; all of you singing together at the same time!

The deadline for videos is Wednesday, April 8. The Crossroads Kids Virtual Choir will be published on Easter Sunday!


  1. Practice the song ‘Brighter’ with Miss Anne in the Dance + Singing video below until you feel comfortable and like you know it very well.
  2. Make sure you have the following equipment to do your recording:
    1. A video recording device
    2. A separate device to watch the Dance + Singing video on while you are recording
    3. Headphones
  3. When you are ready to record:
    1. Set up your video recording device. Make sure you are aiming for the waist up so we can see your face. Look at Miss Anne’s Dance + Singing video and try to match that.
    2. Make sure your headphones are plugged into the device that you are using to watch Miss Anne. Make sure that you can hear and see her well so you can follow along.
    3. FIRST press record on your VIDEO RECORDING DEVICE.
    4. SECOND press play on ANNE’S DANCE + SINGING VIDEO on the second device.
    5. Then sing through the whole song with Miss Anne and do the motions.
    6. WAIT 5 seconds after the song is over before you stop your video recording device.
  4. Submit your video here!


Use this video to practice the song, and when you’re ready, follow along with it during your recording.