Ministry Update Hub

(Updated June 4, 2020)

FRAMILY Gatherings, LIVE FramilyCast & KidsCast

During this time, “Church” will be in sacred spaces (called homes!) throughout northern Colorado (and the world). We will NOT have worship gatherings at the Taft Avenue facility; instead, we will gather with FRAMILY (Friends and Family). Live FramilyCast will happen during our regular service times: Thursdays at 6:30 and Sundays at 9 and 10:30am. Join in on Facebook Live and the online campus via our website. If you can’t join live, FramilyCast will be available on demand whenever you and your FRAMILY gather.

All kids are invited to tune in to KidsCast for worship, a game and a Bible lesson each week. KidsCast will be broadcast on the Crossroads Kids online campus Sundays at 8:30am and 11:45am and available On Demand at Crossroads Kids Online.

Church Life Update

As society begins the process of reopening, many of us have questions in anticipation for what this means for Crossroads programs and gatherings. On the first Thursday of each month, from 8-9pm, we will go live on our social media channels to share updates on program activities, current finances and any developing plans for the future of our in-person programs. We will also take time to answer any questions you may have.

If you missed the most recent update on May 7, you can read a summary or watch the full video.

NEXT UPDATE: Thursday, June 4, 8-9pm. Watch: Online Campus / Facebook Live / YouTube

CARmencement—A Graduation Celebration

Calling all Crossroads Cars! On Sunday, June 7 at 1pm we will celebrate all of our Kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, 12th grade and post high school graduates with a fun Parking Lot Party. Graduates and their families will drive through our parking lot, full of cheering vehicles, loud music, and lots of balloons. The more cars, the bigger the impact, so this is an all hands-on deck event (we need your help to make CARmencement amazing)! Click “Learn More” to RSVP your graduate (we have a special gift for them) or sign up to bring your car!

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Summer Splash 2020: A Summer Like No Other!

This summer is going to be different, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Join us for Summer Splash 2020: A Summer Like No Other! Families are encouraged to read the calendar to find out what exciting themes and activities we have for them each week.

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The Store

Our brand new store has been updated with all new items! From shirts, totes, and even a trucker hat, you can now wear “Hope” everywhere you go. All items are ethically sourced, and proceeds from store items support COVID-19 relief. Check out the new stuff!

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Project HOPE (formerly Project One)

It’s time! We’re ready to safely move ahead to serve our community in the same spirit of compassion and hands-on love as we always have. Let’s make the summer of 2020 a summer of serving. Here are two exciting developments regarding Project HOPE (formerly Project One). For the latest update, click here.

Lessons from the Land of Quarantine Series

This season of stay at home quarantine, social distancing and economic uncertainty has produced different levels of suffering in our communities and our individual lives. While suffering is unavoidable and often feels absurd, wasted suffering is tragic and completely avoidable. Suffering becomes redemptive and sacred when we allow it to transform us and our connectivity with God.

During this new teaching series beginning May 21 & 24, we will explore the sacredness of our suffering during this pandemic, discovering how God is transforming our lives and our community of faith.

The Guide (Kinda like a TV Guide)

We’re online everyday– broadcasting about hopeful and meaningful topics. From the twice-weekly FramilyCast to KIDS programs, the Daily Drop of Hope to original music videos… there is something for everyone. Most livecasts are also available on demand. Click here for the ever-evolving lineup of streaming content for all ages.

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Local Peacemaking Initiatives

This unprecedented time has created unique challenges for our community. Crossroads is committed to doing our part to meet needs and make a difference. To partner with us by sewing masks or donating mask-making supplies for organizations, healthcare professionals and individuals, click here. To learn how you can pick up an item “while you’re out” this week to help under-resourced individuals, click here. If you or someone you know is 70 or older, or has health conditions that put them in the higher-risk bracket, and could use help with errands, grocery shopping and other tasks please let us know so we can assist you. To submit a need, click here. If you would like to volunteer for the assistance team, click here.

New Groups! Connecting, Study, Support & Peacemaking

We are launching a number of new Groups. There are study groups, connect groups, support groups and groups who work together on peacemaking projects. While we might not be PHYSICALLY together during this time, we can still gather virtually to care for, encourage, laugh, cry and grow together.

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Orange Dots of Hope Facebook Group

Check out the “Orange Dots of Hope” facebook group on the Crossroads Facebook page. (You might have know this group as the “Crossroads Community” group.) This is the place we can come to share, care and pray for each other, support and meet the needs of one another, share in each other’s joys and sorrows, share important information and more. It’s a hub for us to be strengthened an encouraged as we seek to be Orange Dots of Hope to everyone we encounter. Invite your Crossroads fam to join so we can grow the Orange Dot community!

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Celebrating Ministry Activities

Every now and again, our church staff will engage in a practice we call “Share Good News.” We simply go around the circle and each person will share something good that’s happening in his/her life. Life right now looks a little weird, and maybe feels a little heavy, so let’s share some good news, shall we? For the latest celebrations, click here.

The Daily Drop of Hope

Ryan is giving us a Morning Drop of Hope via Facebook Live at 10am weekdays. Grab a cup of coffee and bring your questions, your community spirit and your prayer requests to the table. Katie shares the Evening Drop of Hope via email, Facebook and Instagram at 6pm. Every Drop of Hope will be relatable and shareable for our church and the community.

Unleashing Generosity

We won’t be able to care for our church family and extend that care into the community unless we give regularly and generously during this time. So, if you typically give during a gathering at the Taft Avenue facility, please lean into other ways of giving. You can give online on the website, via text (text “crossroads” to 77977) or by making use of the offering envelopes that can be dropped in any mailbox, postage prepaid. If your FRAMILY needs Giving Envelopes, email [email protected]. We will deliver. There is a stock of envelopes at the orange Giving Kiosk in the west Atrium entryway (open M-Th, 10am-3pm). For more detailed directions about how to give online, click here.

Our Commitment to Slow the Spread of COVID-19

The health and safety of all people is of the highest importance to us. Based on the recommendations of the CDC, Larimer County and the healthcare community, we have shifted all Crossroads meetings and gatherings to virtual meetings, asked most of our staff to work from home. Our Taft Avenue facility is now operating under special access guidelines. Two staff will be onsite during business hours when the west entrance is open (M-Th, 10am-3pm). If you need further access, call 970.203.9201. For more information, click here.

Care & Support

In need of prayer or care? To share your prayer request with us, fill out the weekly connect card by clicking here. You can also indicate your interest in joining the prayer team on the same form.  If you need spiritual companionship or help finding specialized care, please email Pastor Perry Creede at [email protected].