How To Host a Facebook Watch Party

March 28, 2020, By: Jimmy Scruggs

As we scatter throughout Northern Colorado and abroad, hosting a watch party during the LiveCast (Thur. 6:30pm, Sun. 10:00am) is a great way to connect with your framily. Here are some tools to help you engage with your framily. Your role as the host is vital; engagement is key! WELCOME:
  • Welcome and greet each one of your friends that joins your watch party.
    • Fist Bump Emoji
    • A simple hello
ANNOUNCE: These announcements are critical because they are not getting the announcements that may be shared through Crossroads Host. Here are some announcements to post occasionally on the feed and as needed: THANK:
  • Thank them for joining you today and sharing in this experience
    • When they join
    • When service concludes.
  • Comment regularly yourself
    • For example …
      • “That was such a timely song that Josh and the team sang today.”
      • “The passage that Ryan shared I read earlier this morning”
    • Comment on their responses.
  • Help them take a next step to grow spiritually
    • Invite them back next week
    • Bible Reading Plan You Version
    • Watch Daily/Nightly Drop
    • Utilize links in the announcements section to direct them.