Edmondson Elementary School Partnership

When Jesus said to love our neighbors, he meant our literal neighbors—those who live and work in our neighborhood. Crossroads is partnering with our neighborhood school, Edmondson Elementary School, to support, encourage and serve the staff and families who attend Edmondson School. 

Economically, 70% of the families in the Edmondson neighborhood live under the poverty line. The Colorado poverty rate is 15%. 

The Edmondson team addresses the unacceptables of poverty and illiteracy. We partner together to…

  1. Provide breakfast and refreshments for the staff during School Staff Appreciation Week
  2. Host Edmondson’s annual Posole Family Bingo Night in the Crossroads auditorium
  3. Provide and serve pie or pizza along with childcare at school events that involve the families of Edmondson
  4. Serve together on Crossroads Hope Builders projects conducted on the Edmondson property  (landscaping, clean-up, painting, etc.)
  5. Conduct school supply drives when needed. In 2020, people across the Crossroads network donated $5000 towards school supplies.
  6. Volunteer at other school events (e.g., the annual Edmondson School September Block Party)

Volunteers on this team make or serve food, provide an encouraging presence at school events, organize childcare during school events, serve on the Hope Builders team, mentor students, and develop other ways to empower and serve our Edmondson neighbors. 

For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact [email protected].