Value Plus Association (Romania)

The Value Plus mission is to influence, mentor and help people discover their value, potential and destiny in life.

Watch this four minute visual summary of Value Plus projects, ministries and activities.

The main objectives of the Value Plus Association are:
  1. To promote educational and social actions and moral values among children and young people from dysfunctional families or families with material problems
  2. To organize meetings and seminars in order to attract public attention to the risk posed by the lack of values among the young generation
  3. Establish a center for social integration to provide counseling and support to people in difficulty in order to give them back to the society as responsible citizens
  4. To promote fair play and team spirit through sport activities
  5. Provide access to and support for quality education for children from disadvantaged families
  6. Establish relationships with other associations and foundations that have the same purpose and to work in partnership to achieve the purpose
Most recently Value Plus has delivered truckloads of food, medical supplies and other essential items directly to Ukrainian communities as the war rages on.

The Value Plus Association developed an anti-human trafficking initiative called Stay Free in order to curb the ongoing abuse of human beings. The focus of Stay Free is to prevent human trafficking before it starts. They train volunteers who partner with local schools to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities that human traffickers use to prey on young people (mostly women and girls). This past year they educated over 16,000 students in 135 partner schools as well as hosted two “Keep Your Freedom” conferences where 1250 volunteers were inspired and equipped to provide education and support groups for the Stay Free initiative.

The directors of the Value Plus Association are Marian and Estera Paduret. In addition to founding Value Plus Association, Marian serves as senior pastor of Trinity Church Bacau. He earned a BA degree in theology and a Masters degree in Ecumenical Theology, both from the University of Bucharest. He is passionate to work with people, advocates for vulnerable groups and helps those in need. Marian is married to Esther and together they have 4 kids: Abel, Anabel, Annalisa and Olivia. In his spare time Marian loves fishing and enjoys nature. He is currently living in Bacau, Romania.

Ryan and Wendy Howell were founding board members of Value Plus Association. Crossroads has donated over $20K in the past two years to support the ongoing impact of Value Plus.