Advent Week 1 // HOPE

November 27, 2018, By: Anne Martinez

Advent is the few weeks leading up to Christmas designed by the early Church for celebration and anticipation of Christ’s birth. This Advent season, we’ll feature a special family devotion each week to help you seek God and focus your attention on him during this busy time of year.

“Look, the days are coming”- this is the Lord’s declaration- “When I will fulfill the good promises that I have spoken concerning the house of Israel and the house of Judah.”
-Jeremiah 33:14


“I hope I get a new bike for Christmas” was heard over and over during Thanksgiving. Tucker had pointed out, circled, even torn out the page from the sales flyer that pictured “his” bike. He placed the picture on the refrigerator for everyone to see (especially his parents). The only thing Tucker hoped for this Christmas was a shiny new bike!

What are you hoping for this Christmas? God sent us Jesus, the Hope of the world to give us salvation from our sins; the best gift ever. As you begin the Christmas season, look for Hope (Jesus) and ways to share The Hope with others.


As a family, list or draw pictures of things kids are hoping for this Christmas. Together, decide and circle one or two things for which they are really hoping. Ask how these things could help them share Jesus (The Hope) with others.

Choose one way to share The Hope (Jesus) with a friend. As a family, plan how to carry out that act of sharing.


  1. Who is the Hope of the World?
  2. How can we share Jesus with friends and family?


Isaiah 7:14

Matthew 2:10

Luke 2:12

Matthew 1:21

Acts 5:31