Halloween Block Parties :: Planning Your Party Menu

October 10, 2018, By: Jimmy Scruggs

Depending on your needs and style, you may want to have a simple neighborhood gathering or extend the party from after school all the way until nighttime. Make sure you include the ‘Party Menu’ on your invitations. Families will want to know when the group photo will be taken, or if they can’t make it to the happy hour, maybe they can come to the after party! Sample Items for your Party Menu:
  • Carve or paint pumpkins together in the driveway of the host home.
  • Take a group photo of everyone in their costumes.
  • Host an outdoor movie night.
  • For an easy gathering, only host a casual trick-or-treating kick off happy hour. Or, only host a casual after party.
  • Keep the location casual for minimal cleanup. Consider using driveways, the end of a cul-de-sac, or even a nearby park.
  • Grab some glow bracelets and necklaces for the kids to wear when they go out trick-or-treating.
  • Host a fun football or baseball game in someone’s backyard or at a park.
  • Have an older teen or parent volunteer to do face painting for kids.
  • Start a costume contest tradition for the whole neighborhood.
Happy party planning!