Halloween Block Parties :: Get Your Neighbors Involved

October 10, 2018, By: Jimmy Scruggs

The idea of a Halloween Block Party is to bring neighbors together. It’s a good idea to find 1 or 2 neighbors to help you with the event. One can take the “Lone Ranger” approach, and it can be a great event. However, it may make it more difficult to find someone else to organize it next year. Here are some sample ways to get neighbors involved and create community.
  • The best place to have a Halloween Block Party is right in the driveway, garage or at the end of a cul-de-sac! This gives the party a casual feeling and makes clean up minimal for the host home. Be ready with a backup plan in case the weather is bad.
  • Ask people to bring their small fire pits to the driveway of the host home so that there is more than one fire to gather around.
  • Have a potluck style party; provide a main dish and ask neighbors to contribute sides.
  • Ask one neighbor to host a happy hour before trick-or-treating, and another neighbor to host the after party.
  • Include older children by asking them to organize a neighborhood baseball or football game.
  • Go the simplest route and have each family bring their own dinner and drinks. Just provide a place to gather!
  • Involve all generations; as parents are taking kids trick-or-treating, older folks can stay at the host home to hand out candy.
A holiday like Halloween is a great time to gather people. They are excited to celebrate the changing seasons and are likely going out anyway, especially if they have children. What a great time to get to know your neighbors!