Halloween Block Parties :: Food Ideas

October 10, 2018, By: Jimmy Scruggs

Click on the links below for some great recipe ideas we’ve found for you! These will make your Halloween Block Party a hit. Share this post with a neighbor who would want in on the fun, too. PIZZA SNAKE: http://www.creatingwithjessicaperez.com/perez-kitchen/2011/12/01/pizza-snake a7847e07-024c-4abe-af3a-6603072645fd CREAM CHEESE STUFFED PUMPKIN ROLLS: https://www.tastemade.com/videos/cream-cheese-stuffed-pumpkin-dinner-rolls 2cb0c83a-1064_creamcheesepumpkinrolls_port1 SPIDER WEB PIZZA: Buy or make pizza dough. Top with your favorite sauce & ingredients. The web is made from string cheese sticks. Spiderweb pizza WITCHES BROOMSTICKS: Made from Pretzels, string cheese & chives. unnamed PUMPKIN POOP: Place cheese balls in a bowl & add a name tag. unnamed-1