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People grow best in community—especially when they are doing something purposeful together—like having fun, eating together, caring, serving, studying, praying, working justice and bringing healing. All these things are authentic peacemaking activities happening in Crossroads Groups throughout northern Colorado.

Choose the group that works for you:

  1. Support Groups offer specialized care for those in unique circumstances such as divorce, loss of a loved one, addiction, illness, foster/adoptive parenting and special needs caregiving. If you find yourself needing someone to walk beside you who genuinely understands your situation, a Support Group could help.
  2. Connect Groups are for developing relationships. Though there may be a study component to a Connect Group, the focus will be on making friends and doing the things friends do—eating together, sharing the joys and struggles of our everyday lives and growing spiritually with God and others.
  3. Study Groups are for learning together. The possibilities include: Bible studies, topical studies, book studies and seminars. While Connect Groups focus on relationships, a Study Group is for learning about a specific topic in a group setting with a skilled teacher or facilitator.
  4. Peacemaking Groups work together to make a difference. In our world and community there are “unacceptable statistics.” Did you know one in three children in Larimer County are food insecure? 49% of all families in Larimer County are currently working but living below the poverty line. Many of us think, “Someone should do something about THAT!” Maybe that someone is you. Or is God alerting you to some other unacceptable statistic like spiritual despair, gender discrimination, racial injustice or the terror of deportation? Maybe it’s time for you to join or start a Peacemaking Group!


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Questions? Email [email protected].