Student Mission Trips

Crossroads Students believes in compassion and service. Student Mission Trips are an incredible time for students to grow in their faith, develop lasting relationships, and live out the mission God has created them for. Through these trips, we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus—serving others by providing physical labor and spiritual care, and equipping others for ministry and leadership. Our approach is not to do things FOR the church, but to do things WITH the church—we learn and serve together under the leadership of local churches and organizations that provide sustained partnerships in communities.



For current 8th graders-graduating Seniors. LOCATION: Hutchinson, Kansas DATES: July 12-18, 2020 COST: $800; includes food, lodging, transportation, and end of the week fun activities ($50 deposit due at sign up, $750 due May 10, 2020) DETAILS: Often referred to by the locals as ‘Salt City’ because of the salt vein that’s mined, Hutchinson’s core includes a growing population of elderly that have lived in the city since the 1930’s and are in desperate need of home repair. The city has approximately 45,000 residents and Main Street has a historic feel with crops in abundance everywhere you look. Because the city’s core population is elderly, many homes are in desperate need of repair and some ‘TLC.’ Many homes need exterior painting and many residents have accessibility issues getting in and out of their homes, so you’ll also be building wheelchair ramps. Our partner is an integral part of the Hutchinson community and assists low income, disabled and elderly citizens with a variety of programs including financial education, first time homeowner programs and low-income rental housing assistance. Fundraising opportunities available.


For current 6th graders & 7th graders. LOCATION: Austin, Texas DATES: June 10-19, 2020 COST: $600; includes food, lodging, transportation, and end of the week fun activities ($50 deposit due at sign up, $550 due May 10, 2020) DETAILS: Austin is home to a vibrant and growing community. The city’s unofficial slogan, ”Keep Austin Weird,” celebrates the independent spirit and dignity of all people regardless of race, appearance, or economic conditions. Known for its amazing live music scene, Austin is set in the beautiful hill country of Texas. Even though Austin has a large tech industry, is the state capitol, and is home to the University of Texas, one in every five families lives in poverty and more than 2,500 people are on the streets each night. Through our various partner ministries and organizations, your team will have an immense impact in the Austin area through serving with adult programs, homeless and veteran ministries, food banks, kids programs, and much more.

During the summer we partner with over 20 local organizations. Some of our projects include:

  • Learn about the community paint park–the only paint park of its kind in the USA. You will help paint over art work that is not family friendly and clean the grounds.
  • Encourage and honor disabled veterans with a variety of projects at their home.
  • Volunteer at a therapeutic horsemanship program through therapy sessions by escorting children while they are on the horses and maintain the grounds.
  • Help set up and distribute food for an organization dedicated to feeding families.
  • Help to clean up the Brushy Creek Lake as well as the local skate park. You may even get to use the lake kayaks for clean up!
  • Brighten up the day for the special needs adults at a day health care center–help with games, exercise, music (bells, piano, sing-alongs), birthday celebrations, themed days, bible discussions, arts and crafts.
  • Serve at the food pantry–inspecting, sorting and shelving foods that are received and enjoy talking with people coming in.
  • Meet and help out at-risk youth. A possible variety of projects could include: reading out loud, playing games, singing, etc.
  • Interact with senior residents on a variety of projects and activities including meal times and games.
Fundraising opportunities available.