Daring Faith Devotional: Day 39

May 18, 2016, By: Jimmy Scruggs


Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing. Romans 4:17 (NLT)

There are certain dead-end words in life: cancer, divorce, bankruptcy, infertility, and unemployment, to name a few. How do you know when you’re at a dead end? You know it when things are beyond your control. When you’re at a dead end and you’re waiting for deliverance, you can remember this: The situation may be out of your control, but it’s not beyond God. When you come to a dead end, think about what God can do. There are two things God can do that we can’t do: God can bring the dead back to life and create new things out of nothing. If God can give life to a dead person, God can bring life to a dead career. God can bring life to a dead marriage. God can bring life to a dead dream. God can bring life to a financial death. When you face things that are out of your control, you need something more than a positive mental attitude. You need faith in God; because God can control things when you can’t. Most of life is beyond your control, so you need faith far more than you need positive thinking. God’s message to us is this: What is impossible for people is possible for God. God turns deaths into resurrections. God does this through nature, and God does this through miracles. God can do a miracle in your life! Whether through natural or supernatural means, God will turn your dead end into deliverance.