A New Way of Gathering: The 30-Day Plan

March 14, 2020, By: Jimmy Scruggs

Did you miss Pastor Ryan’s live video address last night? (It’s not really an “address”; More like a fireside chat with his faithful dog, Roman in and out of the picture.) Watch here; or read on for the summary. Also, check out our Ministry Update Hub for everything you need to know. We began with the questions: What needs to happen when the way we gather is currently NOT good for the public health and NOT good for the most vulnerable of our neighbors? How can we gather in new ways during this difficult time? We are all aware that a new strain of the coronavirus is spreading around the world, this nation and the State of Colorado.  A week or so ago, our team realized that sooner or later Governor Polis would ask us not to gather in large groups. And because we believe God is with us in all things, and able to redeem all things, we began to dream and plan about being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community—especially to the most vulnerable. Things are changing rapidly, and we want to move NOW. As God would have it, our church is in a new teaching series about being the Gathered and the Scattered Church. This Sunday, Ryan Howell is teaching (live broadcast at 9 & 10:30) on the topic of gathering—and the unique things that happen when we commit our presence and our resources to one another. But how can we gather effectively in a NEW way?

Five Healthy Habits for the Next 30 Days

Here are five shifts designed to honor our community, slow the spread of COVID-19 and promote emotional well-being. These shifts constitute a 30-day plan from March 13 to April 11.

1. Move away from a centralized gathering and into a House Church Model

During this time, we will NOT gather at 57th and Taft for large-group worship experiences. Instead, we will broadcast worship services online with music, teaching, announcements and prayer during our regular service times: Thursdays at 6:30 and Sundays at 9 and 10:30am. Join in on Facebook Live and the online campus via our website. Connect with your church family online in your own home—either by yourself or with a small gathering of family, friends, neighbors—perhaps your Crossroads small group. For the next 30 days, “Church” will be in sacred spaces (called homes!) throughout northern Colorado and the world. You can be a priest in your neighborhood and become a space of hope in a time of national anxiety. This live streamed experience will be tailored to fit better for home church. If you can’t participate during regular service times, it will be available on demand. Staff are working to equip you with digital talk notes, announcements, the Kids Church lessons and videos. All this will be pushed out on our website weekly. These are our tools to be salt and light to family and friends. Culture says that a successful event needs to draw a crowd. But the Gospel says that success is when we care and commit our presence to others. This is a good opportunity to grow in the way we do just that. As for your home church gatherings, please follow the guidelines of the infectious disease experts: If you’re sick, don’t go. If you been around someone who is sick, don’t go. If you are senior in age, stay home and worship with whomever you already see daily. First thing, when you enter a new space, wash your hands!

2. Lean in hard to our Peacemaking Partnerships

We are especially concerned for our neighborhood school, Edmonson. We will be equipping volunteers with opportunities to come alongside the staff, families and students of our partner school. When schools close, kids and their families will need meals. We are committed to providing lunch for any Edmondson student and family who needs it during this time. We are also looking for opportunities to care for seniors who are 1.) a part of Crossroads and 2.) in the community at large. We will build a system and volunteer team for grocery shopping and delivery services. We know you want to help; so, sign up to join our assistance team here.

3. Daily Spiritual Direction

Watch Facebook, Instagram, your email and our website for daily spiritual guidance. These posts will be focused on scripture and spiritual practice that promotes inner peace balanced with compassionate service. Posts will be sharable and relevant for all people regardless of faith experience or tradition.

4.  Leverage our facility for community needs

We have a great asset that we want to make available for important purposes. Our staff and volunteers will be more active than ever doing great ministry and sharing a message of hope and practical help for groups and individuals. As schools, health systems, individuals and families need a safe space for caring activities, we will do our best to accommodate.

5. Unleash Generosity

What is the main reason church leaders freak out about not gathering? A large proportion of our resources come in during church services! In our church, 37% of our income is given in person during the offering time. We won’t be able to care for our church family and extend that care into the community unless we give regularly and generously during this time. So, if you regularly give during church services, please lean into others ways of giving. You can give online on the website, via text (text “crossroads” to 77977) or by making use of the offering envelopes that can be dropped in any mailbox, postage prepaid. If you are going to be hosting church at your house, or you need a supply of giving envelopes for personal use, please email [email protected]. Give us your address, and a volunteer will drop off a stack of envelopes. There is also an ample supply at the Welcome Center in the Crossroads Atrium. So, stop on over during business hours (M-Th, 9-5pm) and take what you need. As of now, our doors are open Monday – Thursday, 9am-5pm and during regular service times when the team is broadcasting. Please remember to head into the family restroom south of the Welcome Center and wash your hands upon the entering the building.


This is a 30-day ministry plan, but the situation will change and flux. As of now, our care and support groups and connect/study groups are small enough to continue meeting on campus. Rooms will be set up without tables, no food or beverage will be served, and we will leave six feet or more between our chairs. Please check the our events page on the website for updates about smaller group events and meetings on Crossroads campus. Anything your leader gives us will be posted here. Group leaders have good contact lists, and you will hear from your leader regularly. Please contact your group leader directly if you have any questions about the schedule or accommodations. See you at 9 or 10:30 tomorrow morning, live via satellite. God bless you; and breathe deeply, Katie Martinez