COVID Health & Safety

Updated: 8/27/21

Crossroads has been diligent in monitoring COVID health and safety protocols and we continue to follow the science and work with community agencies concerning coronavirus and the actions taken by our community leaders, including our school districts. 


We are a church that encourages vaccination. Our strategy for helping the larger community achieve health & safety is to urge all eligible persons to be vaccinated.


With the current trend in new cases, specifically by the unvaccinated group under 12 years old, Crossroads is choosing to follow the protocols adopted by school districts and require all children from 2 years old to 5th grade to wear masks during children’s programs on Sunday mornings. Additionally, all staff, volunteers and caregivers will follow universal mask-wearing in the children’s environments. Masks are not required outdoors, in the atrium, and in the auditorium.

We recognize that younger children may be unable to wear a mask consistently. Let our team know if your child is incapable of wearing a mask at this time.

Disability Inclusion

The Sunday morning Disability Inclusion volunteers will wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Students participating in the Disability Inclusion Program are required to wear masks unless their disability makes wearing a mask impossible.

 We are praying for the time when our community is safer, and we can return to normal operations. Until then, we will continue to follow best practices and protect the vulnerable among us.