Celebrating Ministry Activities :: March 28, 2020

March 28, 2020, By: Jimmy Scruggs

Every now and again, our church staff will engage in a practice we call “Share Good News.” We simply go around the circle and each person will share something good that’s happening in his/her life. We celebrate answered prayer, an estate sale score, and everything in between. Life right now looks a little weird, and maybe feels a little heavy, so let’s share some good news, shall we? Your Crossroads staff have been working tirelessly to adapt our ministry and community to the new normal in this time, and there is so much going on behind the scenes. Here are just a few highlights we can celebrate: On Wednesday, the principal at Edmondson Elementary, our partner school, reached out to us and told us of a family in need of food and supplies. She asked for a few specific items. Pastor Dennis made the need known to our COVID Assistance Team, and by mid-afternoon, we had collected 30 cans of beans, 9 pounds of rice, and 30 rolls of toilet paper to bless the family. To join this team, or for more info, click HERE. Speaking of our Edmondson partnership, our kids’ ministry is working on putting together an Easter Egg Hunt-in-a-bag, to be made available to families in need at the school. Be looking for more details about how you can help contribute. Our men’s group that meets faithfully every Saturday morning for Bible study has pivoted to a zoom call format. These men now meet twice a week for a video chat—Saturday mornings to share a Bible study, and Wednesday evenings for a quick check-in and hello. The relationships continue and even grow through this new way of meeting. Even the kids are getting in on the zoom action! Our Elementary ministry is meeting for zoom calls once a week. The kids love the opportunity to see one another, play a game together, and hear a short Bible teaching. To access kids resources, click here. Our care and support groups continue to meet virtually: Divorce Care, Foster & Adopt Support Group and Celebrate Recovery are all continuing to meet on a weekly basis, with added virtual support options in the form of email, phone calls, and help lines. Check out the Events calendar for more info. Student Ministries is now meeting on Instagram TV every day for a devotional and check-in. Not only are students participating, but they are also taking on leadership roles. Also in student ministries, our faithful adult leaders are going old-school and engaging in a handwritten card campaign, reminding our teenagers how much they are loved! To access student resources, click here. There’s so much happening at Crossroads as we’re learning to BE the hope in our communities—and we’re so glad that we’re on this adventure together.