Adventure is Worth It

‘Call to Me, and I will answer you. And I will show you great and wonderful things which you do not know.’  Jeremiah 33:3

On December 23-24, 2021, Crossroads will gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and begin a series of new adventures. ADVENTURE IS WORTH IT is the 2022 annual ministry emphasis—to grow courageous hearts for the peacemaking adventures that will kickstart our next 25 years of service to the church, the community and the world.

WHY is Adventure Worth It!?

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. Jesus (John 3:8)

At its best, LIFE is a great adventure; the Spirit is always inviting us into something new. The 2022 ministry focus invites us to courageously contribute our time, talent and treasure to rewrite the Five Unacceptable Truths in surprising, new ways:

  • Poverty to physical and financial flourishing
  • Illiteracy to education and literacy
  • Fear of the other (racism, sexism and homophobia) to inclusion
  • Modern day slavery to freedom
  • Spiritual emptiness to spiritual vitality

With a pandemic still pressing, God continues to call us not to stand and wait, but to journey toward our 10-year goal:

By 2031, we will be a network of 5000 peacemakers, headquartered at 5420 N. Taft Avenue, contributing 150,000 hours and $10 million annually to peacemaking ventures.

The 2022 Adventure is Worth It! emphasis invites us to intentionally and generously contribute our time, talent and treasure so that the pandemic does not slow down the vision God has entrusted to Crossroads Church.

The BIG Adventures of 2022

I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.
Jesus (John 10:10)

How can we leverage the exceptional gifts of TIME, TALENT and TREASURE? What ministry programs will receive our best love and attention during this important year? After much thought and consideration, Staff, Council and volunteer leaders recommend the following priority projects:

The New Adventure Team

This 25th Anniversary Year ushers in a new era of timely ministry to children, students and families. Through our generous giving to the Adventure is Worth It! emphasis, we will be able to grow our staff and improve the facility to provide the following new programs:

  • Early Adventures Preschool and Daycare (Opening Fall of 2021)
  • Summer Adventures Day Camp (June through August 2022)
  • Afterschool Adventures for Elementary Kids (Fall 2022)
  • Edmondson School Partnership Expansion

Adventures in HOPE

From adventures in Red Kettle Bell Ringing to re-launching cross-cultural trips, the Partners in Hope (PIH) program is poised for a banner year of post-pandemic adventures.

This year we are expanding the PIH outreach strategy to offer time, talent and treasure to organizations, programs and events that bring hope into our world by working to rewrite the Five Unacceptable Truths locally and in the global community. In Spring 2022, the Wild Wild West Night will provide the opportunity to make an annual financial pledge to support a growing network of Partners in Hope.

Adventures into the Spirituality of Peacemaking

The mindset, the skills and the emotional health of a Peacemaker are essential for the abundant life that Jesus promised. 

As a peacemaker network, we will focus our weekend teaching schedule on the three major aspects of Christ-likeness: The BELIEFS of Jesus, the LIFE HABITS of Jesus and the COMMUNITY of Jesus. Each series in the trio will be paired with a midweek devotional journey for groups and individuals.

Adventures in Emotional Health and Well-Being

The pandemic has been brutal on our emotional, relational and physical health. For this reason, 2022 will be a year of expanding Crossroads programs and partnerships for emotional health and well-being. From training new care ministers, to creating a referral network and expanding support groups, together we can raise up a powerful network of skilled compassion. We can help the community weather this season and pay forward whatever gifts of health and healing God has given.

Our Time, Talent and Treasure

As we invest quality TIME in our own spiritual strength and healing, we discover more joy and energy for life: How could you make the weekend gathering a regular habit in your life? What groups, devotional journeys or individual care will help you find more inner peace or spiritual strength? As we heal and grow, we naturally share spiritual hope with others.

The GOAL: 42,000 hours of adventures in personal peacemaking spiritual growth.

By giving our TALENTS to volunteer, we are working together to rewrite the Five Unacceptable Truths in human lives and communities: What types of volunteering do you feel inspired or equipped to do? How many hours/week or month do you feel moved to give? What type of support or guidance do you need from your church to find a COVID-safe, meaningful way to volunteer?

The GOAL: 10,000 volunteer hours going into peacemaking, breaking down into 100 individual volunteers each week.

Contributing your TREASURE means beginning a regular habit of financial giving or growing your regular habit in this new season: How is God inspiring you to be a financial partner this Christmas Season and throughout the year? Is it time to form the habit of giving on a regular schedule? What new generosity is the Spirit of Christ inviting you into? What schedule of generosity is best for you– weekly, monthly or something else?

The GOAL: $275,000 of generous giving to adventures in peacemaking.

This breaks down into the following:
145 households giving above and beyond
60 giving $500
50 giving $1200
20 giving $2500
9 giving $5000
4 giving $10,000
2 giving $25,000

The Adventure Begins with Good Questions

How will I commit my time to my own spiritual health? Where do I feel called to serve with my talents? What will I give in the Christmas (Year-end) Offering, and what is my financial commitment to Crossroads in 2022? Commit to the Adventure, beginning November 30.