A Fresh Perspective

A Conversation for the Spiritually Dissatisfied, Disenchanted and Deconstructing

May your kind spirit guide me on ground that is level. For your name’s sake, LORD, give me life; in your righteousness lead my soul out of distress. Psalm 143:10-11

“My heart tells me that God is real and that Jesus is a beautiful picture of God in the flesh, but my experience with religion has left me heartbroken, discontent, disenchanted and in a space of deconstruction.”

For many of us with previous religious experience, this statement rings true. Join Crossroads Church this spring as we wander together through the big ideas of the Christian faith and explore with new eyes. In A Fresh Perspective, dig into topics central to the Christian experience in fresh ways; and find alternatives to the fear, certainty and dogmas that have dominated traditional forms of faith.

The eight-week teaching series begins April 16.

Make the Most of the Series

You’re invited to join a Fresh Perspective Conversation Group. These groups are for everyone wanting to discuss the topics further and share past experiences, current realities and future hopes regarding spirituality and participation in a faith community.

Groups begin the week of April 23.

3 Options for Joining a Group:

  • Thursday Conversation Group. Pastor Ryan will lead this in-person conversation group in a Q & A style. Meets at the Taft Ave facility on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8pm. Childcare provided.
  • Digital Conversation Group. Expect a weekly Zoom meeting and online discussions.
  • Organize your own Conversation Group. Grab a group of friends and follow along together, using the resources provided.

Join a Group: