2023 Lenten Journey

At Crossroads, the season of Lent is an opportunity for those walking the Way of Peace to prepare their hearts for the celebration of Holy Week through the Lenten Journey. The Lenten Journey offers ways to two of our commitments from The Way of Peace: Practice Mindfulness and Create Hope. By focusing our hearts on these two commitments we can experience personal spiritual transformation and make a positive difference with family, friends and our church. Here are a few ways you can participate in the Lenten Journey and walk the Way of Peace in your everyday normal life this Lent:

  1. Join the read-along of the book The Art of Lent by Sister Wendy Beckett. Purchase the book in the atrium for $15 or through your favorite online retailer by Sunday, February 19th. The Art of Lent has 41 different paintings with a short reading, one for each day of Lent and concluding with Easter. 
  2. Sign up to participate in the 2023 Lenten Journey. Each day you will receive a short, personal reflection relating to the daily painting written by one of our own peacemakers here at Crossroads. Click the button below to Join the Journey and get started.
  3. Attend the weekend services in person, online or on demand. Each week starting on February 19th we will have a Lenten moment in our service. This will be a time to reflect on the weekly theme from The Art of Lent.
  4. Give generously to causes you believe in and people in need. The Peace is Worth It giving initiative continues throughout Lent with a special offering on Easter Sunday. Partners in Hope is another opportunity for generous giving this Lent season. Don’t confine your giving to ministries at Crossroads; look for local and global organizations doing the work of justice and mercy and give to their mission as well.
  5. Participate in a creative fast. Fasting is a spiritual tradition that many choose to follow this season. Fasting is not about food, but rather about focus and sacrifice. Be creative. What could you take a break from for the season of Lent that would help you focus on your peacemaking journey? Whatever you do, be creative and share your journey with other peacemakers.

Sign up for quick daily reflections on each day’s reading from fellow Crossroads peacemakers. Books are available in the atrium for $15 or online through Amazon. The Journey begins February 22 but you can jump in at any time. When the Journey launches, find all the daily reflections through a link on this page.

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