October 30, 2017, By: Dana Cramer

“He canceled the record that contained the charges against us. He took it and destroyed it by nailing it to Christ’s cross.” Colossians 2:14

“I’m not worthy” was the mantra of a popular television show from the 90’s. It was also my mantra, living a life where insecurity and fear ruled the day, every day. AA describes this as a  “hundred” forms of fear, it is that invasive.

I heard a powerful talk on fear at church over the weekend and it got me thinking. So many of us have a fear of failure, but many also have a fear of success. Fear of success! Why? We are all afraid to fail; failure has such a negative connotation to it. But success, why wouldn’t anyone want to be successful? For me it was that old “I’m not worthy” thing that played in my head. When you come from a place of repeated failure, lack of support or mentoring, negative people in your life putting you down over and over again; it’s easy to believe that success is way too lofty of a goal when you are feeling so less than.

So how do you overcome that negativity that seems to run at your core? There are many avenues to take and not any one solution is best for everyone, except one. In Celebrate Recovery that One is Jesus Christ. We are reminded over and over again that we are worthy by the blood of the Cross. I have been blessed by many wonderful mentors and professionals over the years and I have been amazingly blessed by Jesus as I work the 12 steps of recovery. The process has allowed me and many like me to get to the core issues that drive our negative behavior, that deep place where “I’m not good enough” lives. CR provides a process for that negativity to be flushed out and exposed to the light, leading to a life-changing transformation that is possible in Jesus. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, tired of letting fear  control your life, tired of being imprisoned by your past, give Celebrate Recovery a try; don’t let fear (false evidence appearing real) stop you from experiencing a new life. We meet every Friday night at 6pm at Crossroads Church. Take that first step to success!

Love God, love people, Jesus first!

Dana Cramer // Celebrate Recovery at Crossroads

Celebrate Recovery at Crossroads Church Calendar
October 30-November 5, 2017

Friday, November 3: Message Night

  • 6 pm: Our Hospitality Team is preparing a wonderful dinner for you. Please join us for food and fellowship.
  • 7 pm: Join us for worship and a recovery message from Dorothy on “Hope.”
  • 8pm: Open Share Groups
  • 9pmSold Rock Café


  1. New Men’s 12-Step Group has started and meets every Monday at 6:30pm in room 146. Enrollment is open.
  2. Our new Women’s 12-Step Group is full. A new group will be forming soon.