Volunteer at Kids Adventure Camp 2018

No matter your age or ability, we have a place for you to serve this summer at Crossroads Kids Adventure Camp! Experience the best week ever as we connect kids with God and others while having a BLAST.

Donations for Kids Adventure Camp help us reach and serve all of the families and children in our community. We want to make sure every child who wants to attend camp is able to through scholarship opportunities. Click the button below and select “Children’s Ministry” from the drop menu under “Giving Type.”

Logistics Team
Time Commitment // Attend Training, Week of Camp 8a-12p, OR 8a-9a & 12p-1p for set up and tear down

The Logistics Team will help with all material and facility related tasks including set up, tear down, and delivering supplies throughout the day. The Logistics Team will work with rotation station leaders to see that they have all materials needed.

Small Group Leader Team
Time Commitment // Attend Training, Week of Camp 8:30a-12p

Small Group Leaders will be assigned to a group of campers and will lead them throughout the week of camp. They will greet parents at pick up and drop off, make sure groups are moving to the correct rotations on time and lead their campers in small group activities. Small Group leaders should like to work with kids, have positive and energetic attitudes, and be prepared to participate with kids during all rotations. This is a very relational team!

Snack Team
Time Commitment // Week of Camp 9-12, or as available

The Snack Team will work together prepare all snacks to be delivered to campers. There will be one snack to prepare and deliver each day of camp.

Outdoor Rec Team

Time Commitment // Attend Training, Week of Camp 8:30-12

The Outdoor Rec Team will lead groups of campers in games, messy crafts and the obstacle course outside. Small Group Leaders will assist the Rec Team with campers, but the Rec Team will be responsible for taking charge of groups rotating through and leading them in the outdoor activities.

Rally Team
Time Commitment // 2 rehearsals before camp, Attend Training, Week of Camp 8:30-12:30

The Rally Team will plan and execute 2 Rallies per day of camp. Rallies include skits, worship, games and teaching. This team is for people who like to sing, dance, act, host, and run tech. The Rally team will meet twice before camp to rehearse, and possibly in the afternoon during the week of camp if needed.

Registration Team
Time Commitment // Attend Training, Monday 8am-9:30am, Tuesday-Friday 8:30-9, or as available

The Registration Team will arrive an hour before camp on Monday to greet parents and campers and help with registration needs. This includes ensuring all paperwork and payments are finished, explaining and handing out pickup tags, directing families to small group areas, and answering general questions about camp. If available, Registration Team members will be present to assist with security needs at checkout.

Security/First Aid Team
Time Commitment // Attend Training, Week of Camp 8:30a-12:30p, or as available

The Security and First Aid Team will be stationed in designated areas during camp to assist with all security and first aid needs of campers and volunteers.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Attend a camp training on Saturday July 21 at 10-11:30a or schedule a makeup training if you cannot make this date.
  • Communicate your availability the during the week of camp on the volunteer form.
  • Adults 18+ must pass a Background Check.
  • Be ready to have fun and see how God uses you!