Receive and Give

July 24, 2017, By: Dana Cramer

“I will give you back your health again and heal your wounds.” Jeremiah 30:17

Many people come to CR with a wide variety of hurts, habits, and hang-ups; but what we have in common is that we all start at Step 1, we all need help. Some Christians I have talked with over the years feel guilty that they are in the position of needing help; apologetic that they are taking up our time. These are people who are built to serve but can’t, they are in a season of turmoil and need to be on the receiving end of help for a time. It’s as if they need permission to receive help.

The duality of God in our lives is that he delights in helping us and delights in us serving and glorifying him. CR is a program that allows one to experience this dual purpose relationship with God. We start our recovery asking for help and as God transforms us we start to become more focused on others. Instead of it being all about me, life becomes all about serving God and others. I have often said that if one were to get to step 12 and have no desire to serve God and others, they have missed the essence of recovery, the essence of our faith.

A word of caution for those who have been in recovery a long time, or those that are well traveled in their spiritual walk; sometimes we get so involved in serving and helping others that we can easily forget to take care of ourselves. When we find ourselves in a season of needing help, as we all do from time to time; please humble yourself and receive the help you need. I have revisited Step 1 many times, it’s not a crime, it’s just another layer of the onion being peeled, a little more pruning by the Master’s hand. As my old sponsor would tell me, “Don’t be so Heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good.”

The key verse for Step 12 comes from Galatian’s 6:1 “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.”

Always remember that we are blessed so we can be a blessing. Amen!

Love God, love people, Jesus first!

Dana Cramer // Celebrate Recovery at Crossroads

Celebrate Recovery at Crossroads Church Calendar
July 24-30, 2017

Friday, July 28: Testimony Night

  • 6 pm: Our Hospitality Team is preparing a wonderful dinner for you. Please join us for food and fellowship.
  • 7 pm: Please join us as we celebrate God through worship and teaching. This week’s lesson is on Step 11, “Relapse.”
  • 8pm: Open Share Groups.
  • 9pm: Sold Rock Café