Christmas at Crossroads 2018

Christmas at Crossroads is a time for us all—regardless of who we are or where we’ve been—to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the meaning it brings to our world. From carols to candles, classical to contemporary—the music and the message will flood your heart with Christmas Joy.

Crossroads is a welcoming church, serving our northern Colorado community. We hope you will join us for Christmas at Crossroads.

~Four Candlelight Services ~
Loveland Campus
5420 N. Taft Ave, Loveland

December 20 at 6:30pm
December 24 at 2, 3:30 & 5pm

Special program for infants through preschool.

~Two Candlelight Services ~
Fort Collins Campus
5236 Strauss Cabin Rd, Fort Collins

December 24 at 3:30 & 5pm

Special program for infants through preschool.

Christmas Serve

Christmas Serve gives those who are not currently involved in a weekend serving role an opportunity to serve during a very important time at Crossroads—Christmas. By volunteering, you will strengthen the existing teams by helping them provide a welcoming, excellent and memorable experience for Crossroads attendees, guests and newcomers.