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Daring Faith: Year One

June 04, 2017, By: Crossroads Church

DARING FAITH is about BLESSING people. We want to be a church that is known for BLESSING PEOPLE. Anyway we can, we want to be about BLESSING people; doing things for others. That’s what DARING FAITH is about and it’s where JOY is found. Now there are all kinds of research on this. Gender has […]

Daring Faith Update: Elli’s Deli

October 21, 2016, By: Crossroads Church

“Crossroads showed ‘Daring Faith’ in Elli’s Deli and we now are well on our way to providing work for people with disabilities in northern Colorado.” -Jeff Wittenauer, Co-Founder of Elli’s Deli Providing work-related skills training to people with disabilities is the heart and mission of Elli’s Deli. Jeff and Jennifer Wittenauer launched Elli’s Deli in […]

Daring Faith Update: Congo Clinics

August 01, 2016, By: Crossroads Church

The Heart of Crossroads is Giving One of the key missions of our Daring Faith Campaign is to give 10 percent of all Daring Faith money to Compassion First projects. In this Daring Faith Update, we’re excited to announce that because of your incredible generosity in our First Offering we have been able to do […]